Neighbours: Aaron finds an injured Dimato, plus a mysterious woman arrives looking for Gary Canning

18-22 January 2016: Kyle and Amy are at odds over whether Bossy should return home. And Toadie is torn when he is forced to pick between Steph and Sonya


Monday 18 January


Brad, Lauren and Terese end up at a singles night together. Piper kisses Tyler after he helps her with her blog. Aaron locates Dimato who demands medical attention, and a wary Karl is enlisted… but Dimato, worried that Karl will involve the police, makes a threat against Susan so that he keeps quiet. 

Tuesday 19 January

When Nate discovers that Dimato has threatened to harm the Kennedys if Karl speaks out about Michelleʼs abuse, he takes desperate measures to protect them. Tyler is left to ponder whether embarking on a relationship with Piper is a good idea. Daniel finds an issue with Lassitersʼ financial records and takes unethical measures to find answers. 

Wednesday 20 January

Amy is reluctant to have Bossy return to 26 and reminds Kyle that Jimmyʼs safety comes first. Daniel is caught red-handed trying to read Tereseʼs emails and is forced to explain his grand plan. Sheila feels threatened when Stephʼs shift at the Waterhole proves a success with the patrons. Josh wonders how well he knows his little sister. 

Thursday 21 January

Sonya and Toadie agree to see a counsellor together. Steph receives a call from Maxʼs new wife informing her that she is thinking of adopting Charlie. Kyle discovers that Bossy has a brain tumour and cannot afford the operation to save her. Aaron gets a mortifying glimpse into Karl and Susanʼs love life. 


Friday 22 January

A mysterious woman arrives in Ramsay Street and is spotted trespassing in Sheilaʼs back yard. When Imogen loses a valuable bank check, Daniel dives to the rescue and the pair share a kiss. Sonya and Toadie rally for Steph and assert that they will fight to the end for her right to be a mother to Charlie.