Home and Away: Roo is devastated after Jamesʼ revelation that he is already married

11-15 January 2016: And VJ spies Tank coming from Evelynʼs room and tells Leah and Oscar


Monday 11 January


Leah tries to make Evelyn see that Tank is coming between her and her family and friends. Greg asks Tank to leave Evelyn alone, but it only serves to push them closer together. Roo is shell-shocked as she emerges from Jamesʼ hospital room, unable to make sense of his deception. When she gathers the courage to confront him, however, he tells her that he loves her and still wants to be with her.

Tuesday 12 January

VJ spots Tank doing a runner from Evelynʼs room and tells everyone what he saw. Oscar tries to reason with her, but she will not hear a bad word said against Tank. Irene is stunned when Roo tells her that she is thinking of forgiving James. Alf visits James in hospital and tells him to leave Roo alone.

Wednesday 13 January

Alf tries to persuade Roo that she is making the wrong decision staying with James, but she asks him to respect her decision. Maddy tells Roo that she does not want to live with James and has decided to move in with Alf. Kat is concerned about how close Ricky and Nate are becoming. Kyle comforts Ricky when she turns up after work in a distressed state, but he takes things too far and kisses her.

Thursday 14 January

Nate tells Ricky that he saw her kiss with Kyle, and admits that he does not like seeing her kiss another man. Ricky confesses that she still loves him, and the pair are at an impasse. Kat finds out that her brother has been killed in an accident. Trystan barges his way into Charlotteʼs house and threatens to expose the truth about her.


Friday 15 January

Charlotte is desperate to find the money to pay off Trystan and considers raiding Hunterʼs trust fund. Marilyn worries that she and John want different things. At dinner, Leah and Zac sense a change in Evelyn and think that she is finally seeing sense, but later that night she sneaks out to Tankʼs waiting car and the pair drive away into the night.