Coronation Street: Robert proposes to Tracy – but will Rob ruin her big moment? Kate Ford interview

It looks like Christmas Day will be full of heartache rather than happiness for Tracy

Tracy Barlow is to receive a surprise Christmas Day proposal from Robert Preston. But it looks like manipulative Rob Donovan will ensure that Tracy’s moment of festive magic is ruined.


The drama begins when Tracy finds the ring that Robert intends to use to propose. It’s a discovery that leaves a conflicted Tracy with a dilemma, seeing as she’s already made promises to jailbird Rob Donovan that she wants to be with him!

Says Kate Ford of Tracy’s quandary: “She’s tidying up around the Barlows’ and she finds a box with a ring in it. She’s totally shocked, but it’s a beautiful ring and she thinks, ‘yay he’s going to propose’. But then half of her is torn over Rob.

“The excitement is partly to do with Tracy’s ego because she realises Robert must really love her and wants to make her his wife, which is incredible for Tracy as not many man have wanted to marry her. She’s not the easiest person to live with!

“But she’s in conflict because Rob’s mentioned that he might get released from prison, so the shine is taken off it in a way, because she’s thinking she can’t accept his proposal until she knows what’s going on with Rob.”

The trouble is that Tracy is being strung along by Rob, who has no intention of reconciling with his ex-lover and just wants to ruin her life. And what’s more – Rob has even summoned Robert to the prison to let him know that Tracy wants to be with him.

However, as the 25th of December dawns, Tracy comes to realise that Robert is the man for her. But the realisation comes too late in the day and it seems that the stage is set for a Christmas Day bombshell for Tracy as the truth about her double dealing threatens to spill out in front of her nearest and dearest.

Setting the scene, Ford says: They’re in the Rovers and she’s been waiting all day for the proposal. She keeps thinking he’s going to propose and he doesn’t. Then they go into the pub and he makes a comment about sitting on their own and she takes that to mean he’s going to propose.

“Actually, he’s not going to propose but then she says, ‘come on, I’ve seen the ring, I’ve been waiting all day’. So then he stands up and makes a speech. But it doesn’t quite go the way she was expecting!”

So how would Tracy feel if she lost Robert as a result of Rob’s actions? “If she lost Robert and gained Rob as a result, I think she could deal with that. But if she ends up losing both of them. then it will be horrific for her. Rob has the potential to ruin her life here, which has actually been going quite well.”

And would she be heartbroken if she knew that Rob has deliberately set out to hurt her? “She’d be gutted, Rob has the potential to not only break her heart but to ruin her chances of happiness with Robert as well.” 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas and New Year on Coronation Street below.


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