Downton Abbey series 6 episode 3 predictions: schemes, horseradish and happily-ever-afters

Ellie Walker-Arnott looks ahead to episode three and plays her patented guessing game

Everyone got themselves in quite a kerfuffle during last week’s episode.


Carson and Mrs Hughes continued to bump heads over their impending wedding. The Abbey’s butler wanted to celebrate at Downton and Lady Mary got involved and insisted they hold their reception in the Grand Hall – but Mrs Hughes wasn’t keen, preferring a simple day in simple surroundings. 

Mary entered some of Mr Drewes’ pigs into a local Fat Stock Show and impressed her male contemporaries. The day descended into disaster, though, when Mrs Drewe took Marigold from the crowd and stole her back to the farm. Robert intervened, the child was returned to Edith and the Drewes are now set to depart Downton for good. 

Meanwhile, Violet, Isobel and Cora continued to spar, Thomas started job hunting and Anna visited a London doctor and discovered that she might be able to have children after all.

But what’s going to happen during this week’s episode? Time to make some spurious suggestions… 

Tensions are running high over at the Dower House. Spratt and Denker have never seen eye to eye and her recent escapades have done nothing to help matters. He’s fed up of being tricked, looked down upon and sniggered at, and so Spratt has upped his sneakiness levels. Out comes the Official Lady’s Maid Manual and with it Spratt’s trusty magnifying glass (all that glaring means his eyes aren’t what they used to be…) He’s determined to usurp Denker and he’ll do literally anything, even dealing with her Ladyship’s unmentionables, to make sure it happens. 

They might be in a house of God, but that won’t stop Violet and Dr Clarkson from plotting and scheming with all their might. A wedding is the perfect front for a spot of political game-playing. All they need to do is make the upcoming nuptials so awkward for formerly-engaged Isobel and Merton that they can’t bear to be on the same side, and ply Cora with enough wedding punch to put her out of the equation. A majority vote will be theirs in no time. 

Poor ol’ Moseley. He’s waiting for the wedding reception to kick off. It’s a small church and not everyone made the cut when it came to the ceremony itself. The rest of the gang are elsewhere, having their photos taken, throwing confetti and dabbing tears from the corners of their eyes. Meanwhile he’s keeping the flies off the prawn cocktail and trying to put on a brave face. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures, as the Crawleys themselves know all too well. Now, Cora has had to cross the upstairs/downstairs divide and venture back down into the bowels of the building once more. Mrs Patmore simply must be confronted. Robert asked for a set of roast beef sandwiches in the study but his snack was ruined when he found that some shop-bought horseradish had been snuck between his bread slices. Patmore is paid to cut off crusts, not cut corners and the Crawley’s won’t willingly put jarred foodstuffs in their upper-class mouths. There will be repercussions. 

Branson really has embraced the American Dream. With his family business failing to keep him and Sybbie in the way they’ve become accustomed, he’s found a novel way to make his fortune: selling his rags-to-riches story to a Boston tabloid. For such an unusual story, his new newspaper mates have paid for Branson and Sybbie to sail back across the Atlantic just in time for Carson’s nuptials. The only catch? He’s now got a reporter in tow, observing the family’s every movement… 


Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV