Home and Away: Kyle collapses and is taken back to hospital, while Ash struggles with the prospect of becoming a dad

28 September-2 October: Plus Hannah misinterprets Chrisʼs intentions. And VJ suspects that Hunter is the one who broke into their house

Monday 28 September


Ricky and Phoebe are told that Kyle has severe bruising on the brain, which could be fatal. In Phoebe’s absence Ash looks after Casey, but realises he is unsure about becoming a dad. Kyle admits that the poker game was illegal. He is being charged but insists on being taken home. Irene and Marilyn enjoy their topless waiter auditions. 

Tuesday 29 September

Kyle is cut up when he discovers that Phoebe is pregnant, and she struggles to decide whether or not to keep the baby. Chris and Hannah prepare to be each otherʼs wingman on separate dates, but Marilyn thinks that they would make a good couple themselves. After trying to hide how bad his injuries are, Kyle wakes up dizzy and then collapses in the kitchen with nobody around to find him. 

Wednesday 30 September

Kyle is returned to hospital and diagnosed with septicaemia, and Nate feels responsible after having treated him at home. Hannah misinterprets Chrisʼs intentions and confronts him about his feelings for her, but when he denies that he is coming on to her she is surprised to find herself disappointed. Zac finds himself being constantly followed by Hunter, who threatens to reveal that he is his son. 

Thursday 1 October

Zac is reeling after Hunterʼs bombshell that he is Zacʼs son and is adamant that it is all a misunderstanding. VJ suspects that Hunter was the one who broke into their house and also knocked Josh down the stairs, and takes it upon himself to confront him, leading to an altercation. Leah questions Charlotteʼs real motive for turning up in Summer Bay. 


Friday 2 October

Josh reconnects with Damo and buys some stronger drugs to help him stay awake while studying. Maddy is flattered by Jamesʼs interest in her career when they lunch together, and she gives Roo the thumbs up on her new boyfriend. Leah tries to bond with Hunter but he tells her that he only cares about Zac and wants nothing to do with her.