Emmerdale: Chrissie and Cain to have a surprise kiss, reveals Louise Marwood

"She's absolutely tortured with guilt," says the actress

Do you ever get the feeling that maybe Chrissie and Robert should never have got married? Since day one, he’s been lusting after Aaron Livesy, while she has become so paranoid with suspicion that she threatened to burn her husband to death in a barn.


Next week, Chrissie will become a love cheat herself when Robert’s clandestine attempts to track his sister Victoria down leads into the arms of Cain Dingle!

Knowing that Robert is lying to her once again, Chrissie grows increasingly determined to get to the truth. After spying her husband handing over cash to Ross, Chrissie makes a plan to quiz the Barton bad boy about what’s going on, but instead ends up having a rather unexpected encounter with Cain.

“She wants to confront Ross, but she ends up confronting Cain,” explains Louise Marwood, who plays Chrissie. “Chrissie is feisty and she tries to give as good as she gets, but inwardly she must be terrified. However, this all sparks something off in Cain, which takes Chrissie by surprise. Then she ends up reciprocating – all of which is very unlike her!”

And how does she feel after the kiss? “She’s absolutely tortured with guilt,” continues the actress. “And it’s something that Cain will probably regret too. He’s happy with Moira, but maybe he’s trying to be ‘bad boy’ Cain again  after becoming domesticated! He certainly makes Chrissie feel like the lowest of the low when he tells her to ‘do one’ afterwards. That’s not what you want to hear after someone’s kissed you up against the wall in a garage!”

The trouble is that, despite the pair being regretful about what they’ve just done, their actions have been spied by Harriet, who accidentally stumbles across the scene. So will Cain and Chrissie’s secret be blown?

“Nobody should find out about it because it doesn’t mean anything. But it’s always those betrayals that don’t mean anything which have the repercussions,” says Marwood. “It is a one-off, but Chrissie is the kind of woman who would end up confessing out of guilt. In that respect, she’s different to Robert. She’s honest and has integrity and I like that about her.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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