Why you should follow… Cinderella’s @_richardmadden

If you'd like an insight into Game of Thrones star Richard Madden's life (and who wouldn't?) head over to his social media accounts...

Richard Madden is quickly becoming acting royalty. He’s played Robb Stark, King of the North, in Game of Thrones and he’s poised to hit UK cinemas next week as Cinderella’s Prince Kit (formerly known as Prince Charming.) And we think it’s high time you started following him on social media.


He doesn’t tweet all the time, his Instagram page is about quality not quantity and there are yet to be any snaps of him with long-term girlfriend Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman. But, hey, there are still plenty of reasons to press that follow button…

Because he’s a fan of a selfie.


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Because sometimes they have his actual face in them.

Boom @JimmyKimmelLive #kimmel

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And sometimes they even have former Timelord Matt Smith’s face in them.

Kiss me quick #summerlovin

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Because he loves a good hashtag #hashtagging

And a casual emoji.

Because he’s all deep and meaningful.


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But he is really just the same as us…

And because how else would you know he spends his down time doing yoga in front of a roaring fire? 

Sold on the idea? Yeah, we thought you might be.


Madden stars in Cinderella, in UK cinemas 27th March