Adventures in Soap and Time – the actors who travelled between Doctor Who and EastEnders

To celebrate two of Britain's TV institutions, we highlight some of the notable actors lucky enough to appear in the shows as British as strawberries and cream…


Back in 1993, we found out what it would be like if the duff duff really did meet the vworp vworp – as British institutions Doctor Who and EastEnders crossed over into one show. The result was Children In Need charity special Dimensions in Time, which saw various Doctors fighting renegade Time Lady the Rani across Albert Square. It was, as you can see below, possibly the worst thing to happen to Doctor Who since Michael Grade.


So yes, we already know that an actual crossover between soap and space is probably not a great idea, but it’s not the only way the two shows have collided in the past, with both having given big breaks or supporting roles to their fair share of British acting talent. 

To celebrate these two mainstays of British TV, has compiled a list of some of those who have fought far scarier monsters than the Mitchell brothers.

Lindsey Coulson, A.K.A Carol Jackson (Midnight)


For the past two decades, fans will know Lindsey Coulson as on-off series regular Carol Jackson, the fiery mum of Bianca Jackson. In Midnight, Coulson brought the fire with her as Val Cane, a passenger, alongside her husband and son, aboard the deadly tour bus that would become inhabited with a mysterious, invisible life form.