Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

9-13 February: Brax clashes with Dean, while Maddy is stunned by the unexpected results of her ultrasound


Monday 9 February


Nate rescues Sophie from the burning caravan and takes her to hospital, where she tells him that the fire started accidentally. But when Alf tells him that her stove was off, Nate decides to call a psychiatrist to assess her mental state. Maddy finally agrees to have an ultrasound but is left reeling by the results. Matt is overjoyed when Leah tells him that it is not too late to apply for university. 

Tuesday 10 February

Nate delivers more devastating news to Maddy when the truth behind her false pregnancy test becomes clear. Sasha forces Matt to admit that he has decided to apply for university. Nate brings in a psychiatrist to assess Sophie, who advises that she should be transferred to a specialist unit. When Nate returns the next day, Sophie has disappeared and a sedated Hannah is found in her bed. 

Wednesday 11 February

Hannah admits that she still has feelings for Andy, but reassures a concerned Denny that she will not be pursuing him. Brax and Ash discover the whereabouts of Ashʼs little sister Billie, but she is staying with her hot-headed boyfriend Dean and the pair realise that they will have to watch their backs. Nate searches for Sophie as news of her disappearance spreads. 

Thursday 12 February

Ash and Brax clash with Dean, who insists that he does not know where Billie is. Unconvinced, Brax returns to confront him alone. Marilyn and John are shocked when they receive Jettʼs birth certificate and discover that it is inaccurate. Phoebe is overjoyed when her new song gets airtime. When Andy asks Denny how Hannah feels about him, he lies and tells him that she is not interested. 

Friday 13 February


Nieve tells Phoebe the exciting news that she will be embarking on a 12-week tour of Asia. Phoebe, however, is downhearted and refuses to go when she realises that Kyle cannot join her because of his parole conditions. Marilyn and John disagree over whether they should tell Jett that he is a year older than they thought. Brax follows Dean out into the desert and a brawl erupts after Brax finds him digging up the money that he and Ash stole in the robbery years ago.