Emmerdale spoilers: fire horror for Katie and Andy Sugden – first look pictures

Katie’s obsession with proving Robert’s guilt has disastrous repercussions in the coming weeks

Is Katie Sugden playing with fire? It certainly looks that way after a blaze at the farm in an upcoming episode sees her and Andy’s dreams go on smoke.


The current storyline that has seen Katie grow obsessed with proving that Robert is cheating on his fiancée Chrissie will soon take a fresh twist.

Scenes to be broadcast on Monday 2 February see Robert asking Andy to be his best man. After Andy agrees, Katie is quick to warn Robert that he’s not fooling her.

Throughout the day, Katie can’t resist quietly taunting Robert about how she’s going to make things up with Chrissie so that they can become best friends.

An angry Robert takes it as a threat and leaves. Soon after, the caravan at Whylie’s is ablaze, along with Andy and Katie’s plans for the future. Is Robert behind the arson attack?


You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s drama in Emmerdale below: