Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

26-30 January: Kyle shows his dislike of Phoebe's new image, while Spencer jumps into bed with Monique after learning about Maddyʼs pregnancy

Monday 26 January


Sasha continues to be angry with Matt, despite his attempts to smooth things over. Chris plays Cupid and organises a party, but news of Maddyʼs pregnancy throws Spencer into Moniqueʼs arms. Evie invites Josh to the party, but her ban on baby talk ruins her plans to restore their friendship. VJ decides to jettison school and start vocational training, causing more trouble for Zac and Leah. 

Tuesday 27 January

Zac wins back VJʼs trust. Realising that they have both said things that they regret, Sasha and Matt agree to start over. A guilty Spencer hates himself for using Monique to forget about his pain. Ricky regrets trying to help Nate keep an eye on Sophie when she snaps at her for interfering. Nate cannot stay away from his ex- wife, leading Sophie to believe that there is still a chance for them. 

Wednesday 28 January

Brax ends up in the doghouse when he puts Ash before Ricky and their baby. Sophie reacts badly when Nate makes it clear that there is no hope for them. Josh considers quitting school to help support Maddy and the baby and is relieved when Andy promises to help. Roo is concerned when Maddy refuses to have an ultrasound. 

Thursday 29 January

Brax reassures Ricky that she and the baby are his top priority. Ash admits that his recent bad behaviour is due to his unhappiness at a lack of family and reveals that he wants to step up the search for his sister. Kyle is unimpressed with Phoebeʼs pop princess style and questions Nieve about the direction she is taking. Jett feels guilty when John offers to pay for private maths tuition.

Friday 29 January


Kyle apologises to Phoebe for interfering with her career and insists that he will support her decisions from now on. Nieve calls an emergency meeting and tells Phoebe that she wants her to record someone elseʼs song as her single. After being told off by Jett for embarrassing him during maths tuition, Marilyn realises that he sees her as his mother. Oscar is stunned when Maddy reveals that he might be the father of her baby.