Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

5-9 January: Porsche is in danger, while Tegan decides to leave


Monday 5 January
The Roscoes are struggling to cope after the events of New Year’s Eve – will they let it destroy the family? Tegan records a special message for baby Rose, but ends up making a terrible mistake that could blow her world apart.  Grace is furious when she discovers Trevor’s been keeping secrets from her… but what exactly is he hiding?


Tuesday 6 January
Tegan panics when she remembers what she did last night and decides to flee the village with Ziggy and Rose. Leela’s caught in the middle as Cameron and Peri go head to head. A mysterious arrival has a surprising revelation for the Lomax family, while Trevor has his own bombshell for Grace. Will she stand by him?

Wednesday 7 January
Tegan and Ziggy discover a surprise stowaway when they arrive at their secret hideaway. When Leela and Cameron track them down, it looks like Cameron’s past mistakes are finally set to catch up with him. Porsche and Lockie battle it out for a job at the Loft, while Grace and Trevor’s relationship is put to the test.

Thursday 8 January
Tegan has to be cruel to be kind when Ziggy shares his deepest feelings with her. Grace makes a decision about the Loft but celebrations turn frosty when a misplaced revenge attack puts someone in danger.


Friday 9 January
Can the Lomaxes survive the earthquake that threatens to destroy their family? When Lockie discovers Porsche is missing panic sets in, but someone knows more than they’re letting on. Joe begs for Nancy’s help, but as Nancy battles with her conscience, will it be too little too late?