Horrible Bosses 2: Chris Pine on competitive joke-telling and the Shower Buddy

"I was already crying laughing when I read that first scene," said the actor, who starred alongside Christoph Waltz, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston

Joining the cast of Horrible Bosses has to be a little daunting. The comedy stars, who already have one funny film under their belt, are confident, witty and keen to embrace a little improv. It must be hard to get a pun in edgeways…


New addition Chris Pine certainly found so when he joined Horrible Bosses 2, as Rex Hanson, one half of a father-son investing duo.

“I kind of had to figure out how to fit in and what my job was, you know,” said Pine. “You don’t want too many people trying to fight for the limelight.” 

The film sees the Hansons going up against Dale (Charlie Day), Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) and Nick (Jason Bateman) to produce a slightly strange washing contraption called The Shower Buddy. 

“I was already crying laughing when I read that first scene. It’s really funny,” said Pine. 

Watch our exclusive clip: 


Horrible Bosses 2 is in UK cinemas from today