Discover how to recreate a theatre experience at home

When you choose a top-of-the-range smart TV like Sky Glass, you’ll find a night on your sofa easily rivals an evening spent at the cinema

A living room with Sky Glass on the TV mounted to a wall

Whether you want to relax solely in the company of your favourite film or gather together your loved ones to really make a night of it, one thing’s for sure: you’ll want a smart TV that can match your enthusiasm. Happily, Sky Glass has thought of pretty much everything, it’s not just another TV, it’s smarter than a smart TV.

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So, if you’re looking for ways to take your TV viewing experience to the next level, then read on…

Make it crystal clear

Sky Glass

It’s almost impossible to lose yourself in a movie or series when the picture and sound quality aren’t up to scratch, so it’s important to go for a TV that delivers on both fronts. Boasting pixel-perfect 4K HDR, Sky Glass’s exceptionally detailed picture will help you feel like you’re really there. Plus, it comes with six speakers built in with Dolby Atmos® for a truly spine-tingling experience. It really is the best TV for movies!

Save time searching
Sky Glass on a TV screen

With so many streaming services now available, finding something to watch can be seriously time-consuming. Instead, you can ask Sky Glass to find your favourite flick in a flash using the voice control function. Better still, the Playlist feature allows you to save your favourite movie to watch later, so when you’re sat down with your popcorn, you can do away with endless scrolling and dive straight in.

Never miss a thing

Someone pointing a remote control at the TV

Picture the scene: you’ve poured yourself a drink, dimmed the lights, settled into the sofa, and are finally ready to enjoy that show you’ve been eyeing – only to realise it started 20 minutes ago. While being able to pause, rewind and restart on demand TV is nothing new, Sky Glass extends the privilege to live TV too, so you’ll never have to miss a moment again.

Make your set-up seamless

A gif of a jellyfish on TV screens

It’s usually the case that more mod cons also mean more wires. One of the benefits of Sky Glass is that everything is built in, meaning no need for messy wires and a cluttered living room set up. With six speakers built in and no dish or box needed, the mess of extra soundbars and tangled wires beneath your TV will be a thing of the past. Sounds good, right?

Add an extra special touch

If you want to keep the good times going long after your film has ended, Sky has introduced the all-new Sky Live, an interactive camera that brings gaming, as well as workouts and connectivity, exclusive to your Sky Glass smart TV.

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Find out more about Sky Glass and how it can transform your viewing experience.