Merci beaucoup, Netflix, for the Christmas treat that is Emily in Paris season 3!


The rom-com will be back on 21st December as Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins) once more tries to make a name for herself in Paris, and while at it, maybe find love, too.

Season 2 ended with a big cliffhanger, suggesting Emily would be saying au revoir to France entirely, which would make sense given all the drama she went through in the last outing.

Teaser trailers for season 3 suggest Emily will have "the hardest decision I've ever had to make" - is she talking about staying in France, or choosing between Gabriel and Alfie...?

Here's your guide to Emily in Paris season 3.

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Emily in Paris season 3 release date

Lily Collins as Emily and Ashley Park as Mindy in Emily in Paris season 3
Lily Collins as Emily and Ashley Park as Mindy in Emily in Paris. Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix

It's now been confirmed that Emily in Paris will return to Netflix on Wednesday 21st December 2022 – almost exactly a year after season 2 arrived.

The news was announced in a brief teaser that was released at Netflix's global fan event TUDUM in September 2022. Scroll down to watch.

Emily in Paris season 3 cast

Lily Collins will be return as the titular Emily for the show's third season, alongside Ashley Park, who plays Emily's best friend Mindy, Lucas Bravo (Gabriel) and Camille Razat (Camille). Lucien Laviscount will also return as Emily's season 2 love interest, Alfie. The actor has been upped to series regular.

As for the Savoir staff, even if Emily decides not to join Sylvie's new firm, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie), Samuel Arnold (Julien), Bruno Gouery (Luc) and William Abadie (Antoine Lambert) will reprise their roles.

Two newcomers have joined the Emily in Paris cast: Paul Forman as Nicolas De Leon and Melia Kreilin as Sofia Sideris.

Emily in Paris season 3 plot

Emily in Paris season 3
Lily Collins as Emily and Lucien Laviscount as Alfie in Emily in Paris.

In the teaser trailer for season 3, Emily states that "this is the hardest decision I've ever had to make," but it's unclear what exactly she's referring to before she cuts her own bangs.

It's possible that her crisis haircut could have something to do with whether or not she decides to stay at Savoir, which has now been deserted by Sylvie, Julien and Luc, or join Sylvie's new firm and stay in Paris.

With Gabriel and Camille now reunited and moving in together, it's also possible that Emily could decide to head back to Chicago early, especially since Savoir has collapsed since Gregory's fashion show.

However, it's just as likely that Emily could head to London with Alfie, who revealed he was returning to the UK in the season 2 finale. Or maybe it was just about the bangs.

Speaking to Elle, Lucien Laviscount, who plays Alfie on the show, said: "Imagine Emily in London! Listen. Emily in London? It would be a turn-up. For sure, for sure."

Meanwhile, Lily Collins told ET Online that she thinks Emily would "love a trip to London".

"I think that would be really fun but honestly it's a really quick Eurostar trip. Who's to say she can't have both? We'll have to see. She's also very honoured and surprised that Sylvie wants her to come with her to the new business so I don't know!"

Meanwhile, creator Darren Star added that he wants to explore Emily's relationships with people back in the US.

"What we really haven’t seen – except for Madeline, we get it a little bit – is how Emily is in relation to people that she's left behind and how being an expatriate for a longer period of time changes her relationship with her home."

Speaking exclusively to in September 2022, star Lucas Bravo teased that the new run would be "hectic".

"It's a crazy season as well," he said. "Pretty hectic!"

Emily in Paris season 3 trailer

The release date for the new season was confirmed via a teaser trailer during Netflix TUDUM event. The footage hints at what's in store for Emily in the upcoming season, including self-inflicted bangs and more romantic turmoil.

Emily in Paris season 3 will land on Netflix on 21st December 2022. Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix now. Check out more of our Comedy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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