Meet the cast of Emily in Paris – Netflix’s latest comedy drama

Everything you need to know about the stars of Netflix's Emily in Paris.

Lily Collins (Emily) and Ashley Park (Mindy) in Emily in Paris

Arriving on Netflix this week is Emily in Paris – a brand new comedy drama starring Lily Collins as a twenty-something marketing executive who’s sent to the city of romance for her dream job.


From the mind of Sex and the City’s Darren Star, Emily in Paris follows the American millennial as she navigates the French capital, attempts to win over her unimpressed new colleagues and maybe find love along the way.

With a star-studded cast, here’s everything you need to know about who appears in Emily in Paris.

Lily Collins plays Emily Cooper

Emily in Paris

Who is Emily Cooper? Emily is an ambitious Chicago-based marketing executive in her twenties who unexpectedly lands her dream job in Paris when her company acquires a French luxury marketing company.

Confident yet unable to speak french, Emily faces a number of challenges whilst getting to know her new home, making various new friends and potential love interests along the way.

Where have I seen Lily Collins before? The daughter of musician Phil Collins, Lily Collins has paved out a successful acting career and is best known for starring in psychological action-thriller Abduction, fantasy adventure Mirror Mirror and the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

She recently acted opposite Zac Efron in dark drama Extremely, Shockingly Evil and Vile, and played Edith Tolkien, the wife of J.R.R Tolkien in biopic Tolkien.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu plays Sylvie


Who is Sylvie? Sylvie is the effortlessly glamorous head at Savoir in Paris who isn’t best pleased when she learns she’s become Emily’s new boss. Confident, intimidating and the epitome of “je ne sais quoi”, Sylvie is the one to impress at Savoir, although she makes it very hard for Emily to do so.

Where have I seen Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu before? French actress Philippine has starred in mainly French titles, including romantic comedy Neuf mois and TV series Call My Agent!

Ashley Park plays Mindy

ASHLEY PARK as MINDY in Emily in Paris

Who is Mindy? Mindy is a twenty-something au pair living in Paris who meets Emily by chance, but the two become fast friends. A fellow expat who doesn’t want to return home, Mindy acts as a cultural translator for Emily, who struggles to settle in at first.

Where have I seen Ashley Park before? American actress Ashley Park is best known in the theatre world, having starred as Tuptim in The King and I and Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls on Broadway, for which she earned a Tony nomination. She recently appeared in Netflix’s Tales of the City as Jennifer.

Lucas Bravo plays Gabriel

Lucas Bravo as Gabriel, Emily in Paris

Who is Gabriel? Gabriel is Emily’s attractive, charismatic downstairs neighbour who finds himself bumping into Emily on a regular basis. He soon becomes a friend and potential romantic interest of Emily’s, however as a result, Emily gets involved in a somewhat tricky love triangle.

Where have I seen Lucas Bravo before? French actor Lucas Bravo has appeared in a number of French titles, including Sous le soleil de Saint-Tropez, T.O.C and Plus belle la vie.

Samuel Arnold plays Julien


Who is Julien? Julien is a colleague of Emily’s at Savoir, who is more sympathetic to her first blunders in the job and tries his best to make her feel at home.

Where have I seen Samuel Arnold before? Samuel Arnold has previously appeared in the National Theatre’s run of Antony & Cleopatra, as well as french comedy Platane.

Camille Razat plays Camille

CAMILLE RAZAT as Camille, Emily in Paris

Who is Camille? Camille becomes Emily’s new friend when she meets her at a flower stand outside her new flat. Stylish, outgoing and down-to-earth, Camille is much friendlier than some of the other people she’s met in Paris, although Emily receives a rude awakening when she finds out why she bumps into Camille in her neighbourhood so much.

Where have I seen Camille Razat before? French actress and model Camille Razat recently starred in French miniseries The Disappearance and crime drama Capitaine Marleau.

Bruno Gouery plays Luc

BRUNO GOUERY as JULIEN in Emily in Paris

Who is Luc? Luc is Emily’s quick-witted, snarky Parisian co-worker who despite his often rude retorts, becomes a lifeline for Emily as she navigates Savoir.

Where have I seen Bruno Gouery before? Bruno Gouery has starred in French version of Doc Martin as well as comedies President Alphonse and Super Jimmy.

Arnaud Viard plays Paul


Who is Paul? Paul is the founder of luxury marketing firm Savoir who sells the company to an American partner, leading to Emily’s arrival in Paris.

Where have I seen Arnaud Viard before? French actor Arnaud Viard has appeared in numerous French titles, including Paris Can Wait, Que du bonheur and Paris, Love, Cut.

William Abadie plays Antoine


Who is Antoine? Antoine is the married yet flirtatious owner of a French fragrance house and a long time client of Savoir, who takes a liking to Emily which is less professional than it immediately appears.

Where have I seen William Abadie before? French actor William Abadie has starred in a number of English-language titles, having appeared in Gotham, Homeland, 90210, Chuck and Gossip Girl. He stars as Father Lasalle in upcoming war drama Waiting for Anya alongside Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp.

Kate Walsh as Madeline

Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh

Who is Madeline? Madeline is Emily’s boss and mentor in Chicago, who sends Emily to Paris after an unexpected pregnancy stops her from going herself.


Where have I seen Kate Walsh before? Kate Walsh is best known playing Dr. Addison Montgomery in Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, as well as roles on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and season two of The Umbrella Academy.

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