Emmerdale spoilers: Charity is attacked and held hostage – watch the dramatic trailer

A new promo spotlights Charity's upcoming week of hell


Charity Macey is to be put in grave danger when she’s ostracised and made an outcast by the Dingles before being attacked and left for dead. 


Scenes to be shown next week will see Charity’s family turn against her after discovering the full extent of her deceit. But when she attempts to make an escape from the village, the conniving Charity will find herself knocked unconscious. After coming to, she discovers that she’s been chained to a shipping container and has no knowledge of her whereabouts.

Fearing that Declan has returned to finish her off, Charity calls out for help to no avail. But when her captor has a life-threatening accident of their own, it seems that Charity’s fate has been sealed. Could this be the end for her?

Watch a new ITV trailer showing a sneak peek of all the drama below: