Emmerdale spoilers: Moira is blackmailed after Adam gets a prison beating, reveals Natalie J Robb

"Unless Moira pays up, Adam will keep on getting hurt"


A beleaguered Moira is to find herself at the mercy of an unscrupulous blackmailer next week when her son Adam comes under threat in prison.


Scenes to be shown on Monday 13 October, will see a woman called Maxine arrive at the farm, who tells Moira that her son shares a cell with Adam. As they begin to talk, Moira becomes suspicious and is soon shocked and scared when Maxine suggests they work out a deal for Adam’s wellbeing.

“At first, Moira thinks that Maxine is being quite friendly, but it turns out to be a complete nightmare,” says actress Natalie J Robb. “Maxine wants to blackmail Moira for money because her son is beating Adam up in prison and unless she pays up, he’ll keep getting hurt. Moira feels awful about the situation because she hates the fact that Adam is in prison in the first place.”

Later in the week, Moira learns that Adam has been fighting behind bars and realises that she may need to do something about the situation. But why has she been targeted by this Maxine in the first place?

“It’s because Maxine and her son know that Adam is a new inmate and is therefore vulnerable,” continues Robb. “Maxine runs a protection racket, so she knows what she’s doing and she’s done it before.”

The storyline ties in with actor Adam Thomas’s paternity leave from the ITV soap after he became a father for the first time following the birth of son Teddy with long-term girlfriend Caroline Daly. So is Robb missing her on-screen son since he took his break? 


“Yes, but I went to see him last week. Baby Teddy is really well. He’s gorgeous. Adam and Caroline have taken to parenthood like ducks to water. They’re brilliant with him. He’s a good baby because he sleeps a lot and just wakes up for food, so that’s every parent’s dream. Adam did say for a joke that I was his granny. But no, I am Auntie Nat!”