Netflix launches entire website dedicated to spoilers

Some secrets are too good to keep, boasts the website that lets you watch reams of spoiler-filled footage from TV and film

Well this is a neat little PR stun from Netflix. A recent survey conducted by the paid-for streaming service suggests that the majority of US viewers no longer care about spoilers – so Netflix has launched an entire website devoted to them.


Logging on to allows you to open the door to a whole load of videos jam-packed with major plot spoilers. 

So if it’s The Hunger Games, for example, you’re sure as hell going to find out who wins at the end. If it’s Breaking Bad, you’re going to skip way past the classroom and onto the juicy stuff.

The website warns you twice before you enter. Twice. So no moaning once you’re in. And once you have peeked behind the curtain, you can choose to continue to click through to more and more spoiler videos.

It’s a lucky dip style approach, so you can’t determine which spoilers you get. But if you find a scene from the finale of Lost starts playing and actually, you really don’t want to know, you can quickly click onto the next spoiler. 

There’s also a live calculator of which spoilers users of the website think are OK to be shared, as well as links to head over and watch said shows if you’re a Netflix member. 

Plus, you can find out what type of ‘spoiler’ you are, with a quick online quiz that determines whether you’re the accidental type, someone who actually hates spoilers, or the kind of viewer that loves letting others know what’s going on in top shows and films.

Although, while 76% of US viewers surveyed by Netflix said spoilers were a way of life, the website might not prove so popular in the UK, with less than 4% saying it’s OK to spoil plot lines.

In fact, 58% admit to feel rather guilty if they do accidentally spoil a plot for someone else. Although Brits did turn out to be rather good at being a ‘subversive spoiler’ hinting when a good scene is coming up to a first time viewer. 

Well, if you love a spoiler, let the spoiling begin…


The research for Netflix was carried out online by YouGov between July 23 and 24 2014 amongst a UK national representative sample of 2,421 men and women from 18+ years of age. The United States research was conducted online between August 6 and 8, 2014 among 2,023 adults aged 18 and older by Harris Poll on behalf of Netflix.