Listen to Peter Capaldi Doctor Who impression on the new series of Dead Ringers

The new Doctor calls script leaks "an omnishambles" a la Capaldi's Malcolm Tucker....


New Doctor Peter Capaldi has turned a bit Malcolm Tucker about the leak of the Doctor Who scripts, berating the “omnishambles” in the manner of The Thick of It spin-doctor.


But fear not Whovians, the voice you can hear in the audio clip below is not the man currently holding the keys to the Tardis but an impression of him on a specially-made trail for Radio 4 series Dead Ringers which returns tonight.

Comedian Lewis MacLeod can be heard talking to companion Clara as Capaldi’s Doctor before taking a fan who has invaded the Tardis to task for claiming to have already read the scripts and seen the first episode following the leaks.

“This is a total omnishambles,” he says, borrowing one of the most famous lines of Malcolm Tucker.

As the series is recorded at the last minute, Radio 4 were quick to point out that Capaldi may not be heard tonight, but he is expected to feature in some episodes.

As we revealed last week, one of the show’s team of impressionists has also perfected their Benedict Cumberbatch, so Sherlock fans, you have been warned too…


The six-part series Dead Ringers returns to Radio 4 on Wednesday 30th July at 6:30pm