From Hollyoaks to Jimmy McGovern’s Common – Nico Mirallegro’s TV CV

The 23-year-old shines in tonight's crime drama Common - but what else have you seen him in?


For a lot of teenagers, Nico Mirallegro will always be Newt, the troubled Hollyoaks student whose storylines included living in foster care, a suicide pact and dealing with schizophrenia. But the 23-year-old Manchester-born actor has come a long way from Chester.


Tonight he’s playing the lead role in Jimmy McGovern’s new thought-provoking drama Common, but you might also recognise him from roles in My Mad Fat Diary, The Village and Upstairs Downstairs…

Common (2014) 

Mirallegro plays Johnjo O’Shea in tonight’a crime drama, a teenager who is put on trial for murder after driving three older friends to a pizza parlour where a man is killed. 

The Village (2013) 

The first series of BBC1’s village-set historical drama saw Mirallegro play Joe Middleton, a farm boy who is sent off to fight in the First World War. 

My Mad Fat Diary (2013-)

Mirallegro plays Finn in E4’s 90s-set comedy, a teenager who later becomes the love interest of the show’s star Rae Earl.  

Upstairs Downstairs (2010-12)

BBC1’s period drama starred Mirallegro as Johnny Proude, a 16-year-old servant who chose a life in domestic service over a life in the mines. 

Hollyoaks (2007-10)


Mirallegro’s first role was as Newt, the troubled foster child of Jack and Frankie Osborne.