Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

16-20 June: Sinead and Tony kiss, while Leela decides to tell Peri the truth

Monday 16 June


It’s Danny’s birthday and, with Peri acting oddly around the Lomaxes, just what is she planning? Will Jason become sucked into his brother’s underworld? Have Blessing’s chances at winning been scuppered?  Nico attempts to cause trouble between Nancy and Sienna, but will she succeed?

Tuesday 17 June

Patrick decides Nico’s time in the village is over and tries to get rid of her – can she escape the demon headmaster’s clutches? Meddling Sinead puts doubts in Diane’s mind, but is it enough to tear her family apart for good? Blessing is grateful of a good friend, while Leela takes her frustration at her dad out on an upset Peri.

Wednesday 18 June

When accused of being unfaithful, how will Tony react? And can he prove his innocence? At breaking point, Leela is forced to make a decision that could rock the Lomaxes once and for all. Will Dennis and Blessing put their differences aside for the sake of their love? Meanwhile, is Patrick finally getting his comeuppance?

Thursday 19 June

When Leela proves the weight of her threat, Sam panics. Holly goes to extreme measures to reunite her family, but nothing can prepare them for their devastating discovery. Diane and Tony are at loggerheads once more, while Sinead ups her game, intent on destroying them.

Friday 20 June


Sam interferes with Leela’s plans, but will she stop her family’s world from crumbling? Cindy struggles to be strong for her son, leaving Dirk and Holly helpless. The Roscoes have an unexpected visitor arrive on their doorstep, but what are their intentions? Sinead turns the heat up on her vengeance, leaving her unsuspecting family totally oblivious.