Scott and Charlene Robinson’s son to join the cast of Neighbours

"I would love to see Kylie and Jason return to Ramsay Street" says the soap's producer. "With the 30th anniversary looming, it would be a perfect opportunity"


Scott and Charlene Robinson were blessed with great genes, so we’re rather excited by the prospect of their son, Daniel, joining the cast of Neighbours. Ever since Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan left the show in the late 1980s, their offspring has been referred to in dialogue but never made an appearance on screen… until now. 


Now in his early 20s, Daniel is expected to return to Erinsborough and Ramsay Street in 2014, rubbing shoulders with his uncle Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) who is the only character remaining on the soap to have shared scenes with Scott and Charlene. 

The enamoured couple departed the show separately in 1988 and 1989 but were reunited again off-screen, producing two children – Daniel and daughter Madison.

According to series producer Jason Herbison, “Charlene and Scott are the quintessential love story who have the happy ending. More than 25 years on, they are still remembered worldwide. It is fantastic that we can reopen this chapter of Neighbours’ history for a new generation of viewers.”

The inclusion of Daniel into the cast raises the obvious question of whether his famous parents will be making an appearance as part of his storyline. “I would love to see Kylie and Jason return to Ramsay Street,” said Herbison. “They were part of such an iconic period for the show and fans remember them with such affection. 

“We do ask [former actors to return] from time to time and with the 30th anniversary looming, it would be a perfect opportunity for them to do that.”

The casting department are currently auditioning hopefuls to play Daniel, so if you’re harbouring any aspirations to appear on the long-running soap, book your flight to Oz asap.