Coronation Street spoilers: David goes to hand himself in to the police – Jack P Shepherd interview

Is David really going to confess to trying to kill Nick?


The future is looking bleak for David Platt. Kylie is determined not to take him back, Nick wants him run out of town and Gail looks set to turn her back on her youngest son for ever. Next week, viewers will see David tell Kylie that he’s going for good and that he won’t need any belongings where he’s going.


A worried Kylie thinks he’s contemplating suicide, but Nick’s not so sure. Is David really intending to hand himself in to the police? And will Nick stop his brother from confessing everything to the authorities? Here, actor Jack P Shepherd gives us the lowdown on the latest twists for the dysfunctional Platt family:

How does David feel about the way his family is shutting him out?
He’s feeling really depressed. He’s tried to make amends with Kylie and Gail and all he can say is how sorry he is, but they’re having none of it. When Nick pins him up against the wall telling David to leave the family alone he feels completely alone in the world.

We see Audrey giving David his old job back at the salon – so how does that make him feel?
Audrey’s always been on David’s side a little bit more than anyone else. He appreciates her giving him his job back because all he wants to do is have some money to be able to provide for Lily, Max and Kylie. Audrey agrees to give him his job back if the rest of the family don’t find out.

He overhears Kylie talking to Audrey about him – at that moment does he realise just how much his actions have hurt his loved ones?
I think he already knows that and hearing Kylie’s words just confirms it. What he does realise is that Kylie must still think something of him. She talks to Audrey as if she still loves David but hates him at the same time. So it actually gives David a little bit of hope as well. He still really loves Kylie.

How does David react when Nick tells him to leave the Street or he’ll tell everyone he tried to kill him?
He goes to drown his sorrows in the Rovers and then Kylie comes in and tells him to leave as no one wants him around. At this point he’s feeling so down and unwanted and thinks his only option is to confess all to the police.

What’s more important to him:  winning back Kylie or seeing Max and Lily?
Seeing Max and Lily. He’s almost given up hope of getting back with Kylie. I think all he wants to do now is see his kids and get some sort of relationship back with them. But Kylie even refuses to take his cash for the children, which leaves him devastated – he begs her to forgive him but she’s having none of it.

So how does Kylie react when David tells her that he was suicidal following his discovery about her and Nick?
Well, David pours his heart out to her and tellsher he just wanted to die because he was in so much pain. He bears all to Kylie, which makes her emotional and she does almost get back with him at this point. David tries to win her round but all of a sudden Kylie flips and starts shouting at him again.

Could the way she’s treating him now drive him to suicide?
If she stops him from seeing the kids and if his family continues to shun him, then I think he could be driven to having suicidal thoughts again.

He’s so happy when Gail lets him see Lily and Max, but then Nick arrives and chucks David out – how does he react?
He’s so over the moon when Gail lets him see the kids, so it’s heartbreaking when Nick comes in and starts yelling at David to get out. He tells Nick he doesn’t want any trouble and leaves.

Nick then gives Gail an ultimatum and forces her to choose between her sons. What are the consequences of this?
Gail texts David and tells him to come round to put the kids to bed. At first, this is a pleasant surprise for David because he knows Gail was there when Nick chucked him out and he didn’t think he’d be called round again so soon. He goes over and puts the kids to bed and then Gail tells him he can’t see the kids again. David’s really confused and shocked. He thought he was making progress with his family and now he feels like he’s gone right back to the beginning. 

We then see David planning to hand himself in to the police – how does he think this will help the situation?
Because it just seems to be what everybody wants and he doesn’t feel like he has any other alternative. Everyone seems to be closing doors on him and he just doesn’t see any other way out of it. He thinks that if he does this then at least people will know he’s sorry for his actions.

Why does Nick not want him to do this?
Nick and Kylie put two and two together and Nick goes to the police station. He doesn’t really know what he’s going to say to David. I think half of Nick wants him to go down for what he did, but the other half knows what effect it will have on Gail, Max and Lily. So he goes to the station and tells David he can’t hand himself him because of what it’ll do to his mum.

If they don’t want him to go to the police, what do they want?
They just want him to stay away and go into a corner where they know that he’s still alive, but they don’t have any interference from him.


It seems like David will be having quite a traumatic festive season, but what will Christmas be like for you?
I’ll be spending Christmas at home with the family and there will hopefully be lots of fairy lights about. I love lights at Christmas, it makes everywhere seem so warm.