An Adventure in Space and Time: see the ‘new’ artwork for the 1965 Doctor Who Annual

An exclusive look at the specially commissioned artwork as the original cover starring William Hartnell is redesigned to feature David Bradley. Spot the difference...

You’ll probably have glimpsed in the trailer for BBC2’s An Adventure in Space and Time the moment when David Bradley (as William Hartnell) holds up what seems to be the very first “Dr Who Annual”.


The original book (above left) was published in 1965. And the 2013 drama has re-created the cover in this artwork (above right) – with a bit of artistic licence.

The new image by Julian Nix captures the flavour of the original but includes many design tweaks. The police box certainly looks more authentic now than it did on the 1960s cover, losing a bizarre pyramid roof, while the planetary vista and array of monsters are also different.

The most obvious alteration is the addition of David Bradley’s features, although I’d argue the 2013 artwork also captures the likeness of William Hartnell better than the 1965 original.

[With our thanks to Mark Gatiss] 

An Adventure in Space and Time Thursday 9.00pm BBC2 

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