US talk show round-up: Breaking Bad, Rush and Ben Affleck as Batman

Our US correspondent Jennifer Liu shares what she's learned watching American chat shows this week

Aaron Paul wants your number; Bryan Cranston can’t keep his pants on
Did you hear that, Breaking Bad junkies? Aaron Paul chatted with Jimmy Kimmel about his unconventional method of reaching out to his fans. After seeing his Twitter feed blow up every Sunday evening with fans expressing their increasing anxiety threshold, he decided he should shed his Jesse Pinkman hard outer shell and make sure they were doing alright.


“I just tell everyone, ‘Hey, I’m at home, anyone want to talk Breaking Bad with me?’” Paul said. “And so people tweet me their numbers, and I’ll call them. Usually the majority of the conversation is trying to get them to believe it’s really me.”

He also revealed that co-star Bryan Cranston has an affinity for losing his trousers onset, including during the shooting of their final scene together, which is a flashback to Walt and Jesse’s first cook.

“Any time he has the chance to show me his ass, he does,” Paul said. That’s one way to make sure we all remember his name.

As for what we can look forward to in the final two episodes, Paul teased: “The final two shows are so much messier.” Forget Saul Goodman: let’s get Aaron Paul on speed-dial to brace ourselves for the show’s conclusion.

Ben Affleck can handle the thick of it
While visiting his pal Jimmy Fallon to promote Runner Runner, Ben Affleck quickly turned to the topic we just can’t get over — his recent casting as Batman for the Man of Steel sequel. Affleck said a lot of people had warned him to steer clear of the less-than-warm reception he would face on the internet.

“I’m a big boy,” he joked. “If I could handle an Emmy snub, I could handle this. So I look at the announcement and look down at the first comment and it just says, ‘Nooooooooo!’”

The actor remained a good sport about it, but we’ll see how things boil down when he faces the Man of Steel himself.

Chris Hemsworth is number one
Making the rounds for Rush, the ‘70s–set Formula One movie drama, Chris Hemsworth strapped on his helmet once again to take Jimmy Fallon to the streets. Or, at least, to the makeshift streets around the show’s studio.

Even after losing 30 pounds for the role, the kiddie motorcar was a tight squeeze for Hemsworth, but he managed to sneak by and take the gold in the 40-second race to the finish.