Sherlock’s Lara Pulver on series 3 return: I didn’t say you wouldn’t be seeing me

The actress gives the strongest hint yet that her character Irene Adler could be in the line-up - but the BBC says "we want to keep the third series a surprise"

Lara Pulver, who played dominatrix Irene Adler in the season two of Sherlock, has hinted that her character might yet make an appearance in the forthcoming series of the detective drama.


“I don’t think I said you wouldn’t be seeing me,” she teased with more than a whiff of Adleresque enigma when asked if she was going to feature.

Pulver had previously seemed to scotch suggestions that she would be returning, telling Radio Times in April: “As far as I know, I’m not going to be a part of series three. Sherlock is Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s passion project. If it fits to have her back, I know they’ll write it; if it doesn’t, I trust them to get it right.”

But asked about those comments now, she told us: “I don’t think I said you wouldn’t be seeing me. I said there are other key characters they’re introducing.”

A BBC spokesperson remained tightliped on whether Pulver would be part of the line-up when the series returns in the winter, telling “The only adversary we have announced for series three is Charles Augustus Magnussen portrayed by Lars Mikkelsen. We won’t be making any more announcements on casting as we want to ensure we keep the third series a surprise for fans.”

Pulver’s character Irene Adler was one of Sherlock’s most worthy opponents, with some fans even sensing a romantic frisson between the two.