Jonny Lee Miller does a Benedict Cumberbatch in Elementary season 2

But is the US Sherlock taking inspiration from his British counterpart - or is it the other way around?

Twice in the last few weeks Benedict Cumerbatch has been spotted on the set of Sherlock holding up hand-written signs with important messages on them. In the first instance he was suggesting to photographers that perhaps they could find something more important to do with their time. In the second he was using the paparazzi to warn us of potential attacks on our civil liberties.


Now it seems Cumberbatch’s Stateside counterpart Jonny Lee Miller is following suit – albeit in character, as Sherlock Holmes, rather than as himself.

A scene from the new series of Miller’s US Sherlock Holmes update Elementary shows the detective holding up a pair of placards with his own message inscribed on them. In this case it appears to be a reference to a case he is working on, rather than a public service announcement, but the similarities are striking.

However, given that this scene was filmed in London’s Trafalgar Square in early July – over a month before Cumberbatch began his sign-wielding campaign in ernest – perhaps this is one case of Sherlock taking inspiration from Elementary rather than the other way around…

Elementary series two comes to Sky Atlantic in the autumn