Emmerdale spoilers: Cameron confesses to Chas – Lucy Pargeter interview

Find out what happens when Cam admits that he's been seeing Debbie behind Chas's back


We all know that Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) has a few murders to his name which he’s trying to keep hushed up, but one of his other secrets is set to come spilling out in next week’s episodes. Mid-way through Gennie’s funeral, Chas confronts her fiance about his feelings for Debbie, leaving Cameron with no option but to admit to the affair. So will the confession rock the service? And just how will Cain react to the news? Actress Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas, reveals what’s in store:


How is Chas feeling in the wake of Gennie’s death?
She’s absolutely devastated. It’s been all-consuming for Chas, so she hasn’t really seen anything untoward about Cameron’s behaviour.

So she’s not suspicious of Cameron?
No, there’s nothing to be suspicious about, really. There are a couple of times when Chas wonders why Cameron hasn’t been there for her. But at this time of crisis, she’s been more concerned about Brenda and about her own grief. She certainly doesn’t suspect that he’s playing around with Debbie. She does notice a couple of looks between them, but that’s nothing new.

Are Gennie’s words of warning about Cameron ringing in her ears at all?
No, not until the day of the funeral. First of all, Brenda goes missing and everyone goes looking for her. But Cameron’s determined to stay in the pub, which is a bit weird. Then they find Brenda and they’re walking back to pub and suddenly Chas thinks that she’s seen Cameron at Debbie’s house. But when she asks him why he wasn’t at the Woolpack when they got back, he dismisses the whole thing and tells her that he was in cellar. So Chas later asks him if he loves her and he says yes, but she can tell from his look that this isn’t the truth.

And all this happens during the funeral service, doesn’t it?
Yes – and he does admit that has been seeing Debbie for a few weeks. He also says that he never loved Chas and that he just felt sorry for her. So she’s absolutely fuming! But she’s got a eulogy to read and a sister to bury. So in her mind she’s thinking, ‘right, I’ll deal with you once my sister’s in the ground’. And when she’s reading the eulogy, it does start off about Gennie but then there’s a moment when you think she’s going to out the both Cameron and Debbie. She starts to get angry, but one look at Brenda and Nikhil reminds her why she’s there and she pulls herself together. So she finishes what she’s reading and then runs out of the church because she can’t trust herself to keep her mouth shut.

So is that the end for Chas and Cameron’s relationship?
Yes. It’s payback for Chas, really. She did it to Debbie and now Debbie’s done it to her. When it comes down to it, Chas feels angry and betrayed but she did do it to Debbie in the first place.

Does she feel like she’s a fool for letting it go on for so long under her nose?
She’s just hurt, really. He says it’s only been going on for a couple of weeks. Which is bad enough! But she’s got so much grief going on after Gennie dying that she’s completely confused by everything.

What does she want to do to Cameron at this point?
She’s absolutely furious. She lashes out and shouts and screams at both him and Debbie.

And how does Cain find out?
He gathers from what’s happened at the funeral that something’s going on. And when Chas storms off at the graveside, he comes to the pub and asks her what Cameron’s done. And Chas’s reply is that he’s done Debbie!

How does Chas feel when she hears that Cain has taken Cameron to a quarry? Does she want Cameron dead, do you think?
She doesn’t care less about what happens to Cameron. She’s more concerned about Cain getting done for killing him. He’s already suggested that things would be better if Cameron weren’t around with more, which is a sentiment that she agrees with. So she’s worried that she’s given him the go ahead to do it.

So where does Chas go from here?
She’s back with her family. She’s made it up with both Cain and Charity. She’s lost Cameron and Debbie, but Chas is strong. And she’s had enough thrown at her these past few years to be able to dust herself down and get on with things.


How would she feel if she found out about all the murders that Cameron is responsible for?
It would mean that the last year of her life has been complete lie. I don’t know if she’d be angry or traumatised. You never know with Chas. But it would be massive. I think the Debbie-Chas-Cameron triangle has been going on for so long that viewers would like to see it come to an eventual conclusion.