Coronation Street spoilers: Ben Price on David and Nick’s car crash drama

Will either brother end up surviving the impact?

Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) are braced for impact next week when the van they’re travelling in collides with a lorry.


The crash happens after Nick finally works out that David knows about his one-night stand with Kylie (Paula Lane) and the question mark that therefore hangs over the paternity of the baby she’s expecting.

In scenes set to air on Monday 5 August, viewers will see Nick apologise to David, explaining that what happened with Kylie was a one-off and meant nothing to either of them. David flies at Nick, admitting to his hate campaign and how he even contemplated suicide when he discovered the truth.

Ashamed at the damage this secret has done, Nick insists it’s time to head home and talk to Leanne and Kylie. Suddenly scared that he’ll lose Kylie, the wife he still loves, David makes an impulsive decision that he’ll come to regret:

“David grabs the wheel and they spin,” says Ben Price. “But Nick doesn’t realise that there’s a lorry going to run into the car. Nick’s just thinking, ‘look, you could have killed us’. But then it’s too late to do anything as the lorry hits them. I don’t think David is trying to kill Nick. It’s a spur of the moment reaction. But if Nick does wake up, I think he’ll blame David.”


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