Max Irons on getting used to walking around in a thong

The White Queen actor admits sex scenes are “nerve-wracking” but thinks he carried it off well

We may enjoy seeing Max Irons in steamy clinches, but The White Queen actor says it took a bit of getting used to.


“There were a lot of sex scenes! They are really nerve-racking, but the more you do it, the more you get used to walking around in a thong. I like to think I carried it off well,” Irons tells Radio Times this week.

But this isn’t the best part of playing King Edward. There are some other advantages: “Having everyone bow when I walk in. And all the girls are told to flirt with me. I’m trying to figure out how to transfer this into real life,” Irons explains.

Not that Irons is too confident. Oh, no. He’s as nervous as the rest of us when it comes to trying to be normal around a crush.

On his current crush, Clémence Poésy [who starred in the adaptation of Birdsong last year], Irons says, “I think if I were ever to meet her I would get all giggly and be lost for words.”

The dishy actor also admits certain films will have him sobbing along with the girls.

“There are a few films I can’t watch if I’m filming the next day because my eyes get so swollen – Love Actually is another one… when Colin Firth proposes in Portuguese it gets me every time,” Irons explains.


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