Coronation Street spoilers: Chris Fountain on Tommy and Tina’s reunion and their surrogacy drama

"I’d love to see them have a chance of making a go of it – but with Michelle Keegan due to leave next May, time is ticking on that!”

After a turbulent week in hospital, Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) is informed next week that she can go home to rest. And while Tommy initially looks forward to taking care of her, he soon becomes acutely aware of Tina’s worrying preoccupation with the baby she’s given birth to.


“He has always been worried that this would happen – even when Tina was first thinking about going through with the surrogacy,” says Chris Fountain, who plays Tommy. “He was the one who thought much more about how she would cope with having to give the baby up. She seemed to push those thoughts to one side as she was so intent on having the baby.”

Now of course, the landscape has changed thanks to Gary’s (Mikey North) ill-advised pass at Tina. She once thought that she was having the baby for a solid couple, but is currently reconsidering her viewpoint now that Izzy (Cherylee Houston) has discovered the truth about her partner’s advances. So would Tommy be prepared to stand by Tina and bring the baby up with her if that is what she wants?

“Yes, I think he would. But he’d still want to try and persuade her that not only is it another man’s baby, but it’s not hers either. They would lose the flat, they would have to pay back the money – there is such a lot at stake, not least taking a child from its biological parents. He knows that Izzy and Gary are having problems, but he sees that as something they need to sort out and doesn’t think that keeping the baby is the answer.”


One happy by-product of this current plotline, though, is the fact that Tina and Tommy are again growing closer. Is this something that Fountain thinks viewers want to see? “The public just seems to want Tommy and Tina to get back together so now that this is looking more likely, the response has been great. People do seem to care about them. I’d love to see them have a chance of making a go of it as well – but with Michelle due to leave next May, time is ticking on that!”