Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

13 - 17 May: Kerry sets Dale View ablaze in Emmerdale while Gary seeks out Tina for an evening of romance in Corrie



Kerry, the babysitter from hell, plumbs new depths when she falls into an alcohol-induced slumber and sets Dale View ablaze with her still-smouldering ciggie. With Jack’s life in danger, it’s left to Cain to stage a rescue attempt. But he isn’t half annoyed with Debbie, who he hauls over the coals for having left her kids with a drunk. It certainly says a lot about the state of Gangland Debbie’s moral compass when not even Cain is on her side any more.


With the excellent Dexter and Ava proving to be the Square’s best new additions for quite some time, it’s only right that they should get some meaty drama to contend with. Enter Sam, the father that Dexter has never met thanks to the fact that he bolted before he was born after going out to get some milk! Someone else who wants a greater part in her child’s life is Lola, who’s fretting about the care being offered to Lexi by the pill-and-Phil-addicted Sharon.

Coronation Street


After Gary loses his temper at an army reunion, from whom do you think he seeks emotional support? Loving partner Izzy? Nah, it’s straight round to Tina’s for an ill-advised attempt at seduction. But, for Gary, it ends up being an evening filled with regret rather than romance. Nick and Kylie’s recrimination levels are also spiking when David suggests getting the baby genetically tested for epilepsy following last week’s shocks. Can big brother talk him out of the idea?