Call the Midwife’s stars on the gifts they’d give their characters

The stars of BBC drama are experts at deliveries – but what would Jessica Raine, Helen George and Bryony Hannah give their characters this Christmas?

Helen George plays the glamorous, party-loving Trixie Franklin.


“Trixie would get nail varnish – she’s obsessed with her manicure. I’d give Sister Evangelina [Pam Ferris] hand cream, because she’s always at it, isn’t she, scrubbing things? And I’d wrap up some whale music for Chummy [Miranda Hart] to chill her out. A James Bond film and a bit of a rest are on my personal Christmas list, and I’m trying to find matching festive onesies for all the family – including our two dogs!

Jessica Raine plays novice midwife Jenny Lee, who’s been on a steep learning curve since she arrived at Nonnatus House.

I’d get Jenny a foot spa, because she’s a very busy woman, and maybe a car – something cute, like a Beetle. Did they have Beetles then? Her most recent present was knee-pads – my knees hurt when we’re shooting delivery scenes because I’m on them for hours and hours so I wear protective pads now. Very sexy. I’d give Sister Monica Joan [Judy Parfitt] a big wedge of Christmas pudding with brandy cream and brandy butter – she’d be in seventh heaven!

Bryony Hannah plays caring, conscientious midwife Cynthia Miller.

I’d take Cynthia on a shopping spree and kit her out with all the things that she looks at but never feels able to buy. She’s not flamboyant, but living with Trixie and the girls she’s becoming more aware of fashion and would like to dip in. And I’d get her an art pass – I think she’s quite aspirational so I can imagine her popping to a gallery if she had an afternoon off. I’d buy Sister Julienne [Jenny Agutter] a scented candle, although she might consider it a little decadent…


Call the Midwife is on BBC1 at 7:30pm on Christmas Day