Coronation Street’s William Roache: “We are all love… time is running out”

“The world will not end in 2012. But it will change dramatically... a majority will know that they are love and that they are spiritual beings"

Long-serving Corrie actor William Roache has outed himself as something of a mystic and declared his faith in the coming of new spiritual “Golden Age.”


Roache, who has played Ken Barlow in the ITV soap since its very first episode in 1960, outlined his beliefs in an interview with actress Nicola Kelleher for Silent Voices magazine.

Flying in the face of a popular Mayan-derived New Age idea that the world as we know it will end on 12 December 2012, Roache said: “The world will not end in 2012. But it will change dramatically.

“It is moving to a higher vibration and all who are open, ready and willing can move with her. This will be the Golden Age, when a majority will know that they are love and that they are spiritual beings.

“The earth will continue to cleanse itself while material and negative things will collapse and cease to be.”

The passionate Tory supporter also claimed that pre-cognition was a reality and that psychics really can see through the mists of time.

“Psychics can predict the future,” he said. “There are good and not so good psychics and sometimes their interpretations are not clear or accurate.”

As well as admitting that he enjoys meditation, the 80-year-old summed up his life philosophy as something “simple and all-encompassing.”

“We are love, love solves everything, love is everything,” he opined (perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly for a man who claims to have “loved” more than 1,000 women over the years).

“Once it is understood that we are all pure love and that love is everything, then there is the realisation that we are all one.”

Asked who he would be if he could choose to be anyone from history, Roache plumped for “an enlightened Master who could teach the great truths, heal and comfort,” and urged his interviewer to “understand that we are all pure love, made in love and living in love.”

However, Roache claimed that he is not a Spiritualist and follows no particular dogma, saying: “I am someone who has always searched for the truth and belong to no religion or group.”


“The media do not know the simple truths,” he said. “It is up to all of us who know to be a living example of love and to teach everyone to accept the simple truth that we are all love. It is urgent to get this message over now. Time is running out.”