You’ve Been Tubed: from Barack Obama the stand-up to Wayne Rooney on fire

The week's best viral videos, wrapped in a flag and hung from a lamp-post

1. Eleven million yeses
Flashmob proposals and wacky wedding dances have become the bane of the internet, but finally some good has come of them. Isaac and his 60 friends have 11 million hits for their dance routine to Marry You, the Bruno Mars song it’s OK to like, and it’s a production that must have taken days of rehearsal to nail.


I never blub at these things, but somewhere between the marching band and the absent friends on laptops, I might have misted very slightly.

2. President of A-mirth-ica

Increasingly it seems Barack Obama might, when he leaves office, eschew the normal post-Potus career path of speaking tours and unreadable memoirs, and simply become an actual stand-up comedian. It’s not so much the gag here, a line about what he inherited from George W Bush that was almost certainly penned by a speechwriter, but the subsequent riding of the laugh and the timing of the killer ad lib “… I use it!” The man’s a natural.

3. Kiev dynamo

A bartender wows the judges on Ukraine’s Got Talent with his amazing bottle-manipulating. OK, so a lot of it is essentially juggling, but get a load of the way he bounces a litre of vodka on his forearm. The UGT producers respond with some Matrixy slow-motion: you didn’t get that with Stavros Flatley.

4. Can monkeys play synthesizers?

Well, yes and no.

5. He’s literally on fire, Gary


A spectacular bit of homegrown CGI that turns football goal celebrations into Hollywood action scenes. Presumably the guy who did it either really loves or really hates Arsenal, because that’s where he gets creative. For Arsene Wenger, it’s probably best to claim not to have seen this at all.