These quiz show contestants thought a thesaurus was a type of dinosaur

Mother-and-daughter team Christina and Tania got to compete as a pair on Australia's Millionaire Hot Seat but that didn't do much to help their chances...

Enter “embarrassing” into a thesaurus and you get: “awkward”, “mortifying”, “distressing” and “humiliating”. It’s likely Millionaire Hot Seat contestants Christina and Tania experienced all of the above when they watched back their appearance on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’s Australian spin-off. That’s because the mother-and-daughter team suffered an “awkward” wobble when host Eddie McGuire presented them with the following: 


Which of these is NOT a type of dinosaur?

A. Brachiosaurus

B. Stegosaurus

C. Tyrannosaurus

D. Thesaurus

An “addling” multiple choice, indeed. Click play below to watch the pair’s “bewilderment” when presented with this mind-boggling conundrum…