With the fourth week of Love Island's 2023 winter season coming to an end, there's a lot to unpack as we all start to ask the same question: when is Casa Amor happening?


For now, let's dig into last night's (Wednesday 8th February) episode, which saw new bombshell Claudia Fogarty – the daughter of former motorcycle racer Carl Fogarty – get to know the boys by wowing with her heart rate-raising dance, before heading on dates with two lucky boys.

If you missed episode 24 yesterday then you can watch RadioTimes.com's recap video above, and check out the latest episode of The Love Island Lowdown for all the gossip, behind-the-scenes theories and predictions for the rest of season 9.

Last night's episode continued with Claudia's bombshell entrance during the show's highly-anticipated dance challenge as the fashion boutique owner surprised the boys with her arrival. After boogieing her way around the firepit, she got to know the boys – although Ron Hall was quick to point out that he's settled now with Lana Jenkins, much to Lana's delight.

The results then came in for the challenge, with Lana raising Kai Fagan's heart rate, Ellie Spence raising Jordan Odofin's and Jessie Wynter raising Will Young's (aw), although awkwardly, both Casey O'Gorman and Ron's heart rates shot up the most with Claudia. Perhaps Ron isn't as locked down as he says he is...

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In the end, it's the girls who emerge as the challenge's champions, before Claudia and Casey head for an intimate chat. After getting to know the newbie, Casey tells some of the other islanders that he recognises her from Instagram as the daughter of Carl Fogarty. Claudia's celebrity background has been uncovered – and she didn't even need to do any name dropping!

Tom on his date with Claudia.
Tom on his date with Claudia on winter Love Island 2023. ©ITV Plc

The next day, Tom Clare reveals that he's open to getting to know Claudia and that she's his type on the outside. His head just never stops spinning in this villa!

It's then date time, with Claudia picking two men to go on a date with. She chose Tom first, with the pair bonding over both being family orientated, before heading out with Casey, who said: "If I could picture a perfect date and a perfect girl, it would be this." While incredibly intense, Casey's forwardness seems to have worked, with Claudia revealing that she's keen on Casey after their date.

Back in the villa, Tom broke the news to Samie that he wants to get to know Claudia and, unsurprisingly, she was not thrilled by his admission.

The post-date buzz was interrupted by a less exciting text, as the islanders were told to gather around the firepit for another recoupling and a surprise dumping.

With one girl at risk of leaving the villa, Love Island left us all on a cliffhanger as we waited to hear who the boys will pick this time.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm on Thursday 9th February 2023. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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