Radio Times teen survey: the Top 10 most admired stars according to British teenagers

Olympic champ Usain Bolt is the most admired famous figure among 13-18 year-olds


Radio Times asked teenagers who they most admired in the world – and the fastest man in the world came out on top.


In a survey of 13-18 year-olds conducted by YouGov for Radio Times, Usain Bolt was named the most admired person in a list that also included US president Barack Obama and Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

Check out the Top 10 list below.

1. Usain Bolt

2. Barack Obama


3. JK Rowling


4. Brian Cox

5. Emma Watson

6. David Tennant (actor)

7. Daniel Radcliffe (actor)

8. Adele (musician)

9. Jennifer Lawrence (actor)


10. Ryan Reynolds (actor)