7 brilliantly weird Christmas traditions we need to adopt this year

Crapping crib figurines? Child-eating cats? Terrifying devil parades? Why haven't we copied these yet?


1. Krampus, Austria


If you’ve been good, Father Christmas comes bearing gifts, but what happens if you’ve been naughty? In the UK all you’ll find is a lump of coal in your stocking. In Austria on the other hand, Krampus comes to steal bad children away.

The tradition is part of the pre-Christmas festivities in Alpine towns, where men dress up in devil costumes and wooden masks and run through the town. It’s properly terrifying, and hard to get your head round if you’ve come from a comfy festive home, as Austrian actor Christoph Waltz found out when he tried to explain the custom on US chat show Jimmy Fallon.



Still, smart parenting technique.