Harlan Coben's latest adaptation for Netflix is here, and it has certainly proved to be a big success, drawing in millions of viewers globally and prompting the streamer to announce two more upcoming Coben adaptations.


Fool Me Once stars Michelle Keegan (Coronation Street, Brassic) in the lead role as Maya Stern, an ex-military officer who sets out on a hunt for the truth after the sudden death (and apparent revival) of her husband.

Meanwhile, Richard Armitage appears in the thriller as Maya's husband, Joe, in a role that marks his third appearance in a Coben adaptation.

Speaking about Armitage's appearance, Coben previously told RadioTimes.com: "This might be, even though it’s his smallest role in terms of screen time, it might be his best job."

But who else stars in Fool Me Once? Read on to find out more about the show's cast, including where you've likely seen them before.

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Who's in the cast of Fool Me Once alongside Michelle Keegan?

The Fool Me Once cast is stacked with lots of stellar British acting talent, being led by Keegan. Find the full cast list below and scroll on to find out more about the characters.

  • Michelle Keegan as Maya Stern
  • Richard Armitage as Joe Burkett
  • Adeel Akhtar as DS Sami Kierce
  • Joanna Lumley as Judith Burkett
  • Emmett J Scanlan as Shane Tessier
  • Dino Fetscher as Marty McGreggor
  • Marcus Garvey as Eddie Walker
  • Hattie Morahan as Caroline Burkett
  • James Northcote as Neil Burkett
  • Dänya Griver as Abby Walker
  • Daniel Burt as Daniel Burt
  • Adelle Leonce as Eva Finn
  • Natalia Kostrzewa as Izabella Godek
  • Laurie Kynaston as Corey Rudzinski

Read on for everything you need to know about the characters and who plays them.

Michelle Keegan plays Maya Stern

Michelle Keegan stars in Harlan Coben's Fool Me Once
Michelle Keegan stars in Harlan Coben's Fool Me Once. Netflix

Who is Maya Stern? Maya is left traumatised after the brutal murder of her husband Joe and is trying her hardest to continue work and usual life. That is, until she spies him in a nanny cam she's installed.

Where have I seen Michelle Keegan before? Keegan rose to TV fame in Coronation Street but departed in 2014, going on to have starring roles in Our Girl, Brassic and more recently, Ten Pound Poms.

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Richard Armitage plays Joe Burkett

Maya kneeling on the grass holding her baby with Joe lying next to her
Michelle Keegan as Maya Stern and Richard Armitage as Joe Burkett in Fool Me Once. Matt Squire/Netflix

Who is Joe? Joe is Maya's husband and comes from a very wealthy family, of which his mother Judith is the fierce matriarch.

Where have I seen Richard Armitage before? Harlan Coben thriller fans will know this isn't Armitage's first rodeo when it comes to his series as Armitage has starred in two previous shows, Safe and The Stranger. Known for his roles in Spooks and The Hobbit, Armitage most recently starred in Obsession and is set to star in Red Eye.

It might be one of his smallest roles in the Harlan Coben universe, but Coben recently told RadioTimes.com that he thinks it might be Armitage's “best job”.

Coben said: "It’s become a thing now that this is the third time that Richard’s worked with us, it’s become kind of a fun thing, but we’re really conscious of it not being a device or for the sake of doing it.

"It only works if we can find a role for Richard that’s going to be... I don’t like when I watch a show and I see the same actor, and so I’m thinking of him in the other role. So if you thought as you’re watching him, 'Oh that’s Adam Price from The Stranger,' it wouldn’t work."

He continued: "But Richard’s such a terrific actor, and the roles he’s playing on these shows are so different, the three he’s now played on Stay Close, The Stranger and now Fool Me Once. I think it works.

"This might be, even though it’s his smallest role in terms of screen time, it might be his best job. He’s really good. That last episode, without giving anything away, the scene in the park is just great.

Marcus Garvey as Eddie Walker

Marcus Garvey as Eddie Walker in Fool Me Once.
Marcus Garvey as Eddie Walker in Fool Me Once. Netflix

Who is Eddie? The bereaved partner of Maya’s sister Claire, who clashes with Maya on almost everything.

What else has Marcus Garvey been in? Garvey has previously appeared in Last Tango in Halifax, Asylum Blackout, and Four Lions.

Emmett J Scanlan plays Shane Tessier

Maya Stern stood on a balcony, holding a beer with her phone held up to her ear with Shane Tessier standing behind her
Emmett J Scanlan and Michelle Keegan in Fool Me Once. Vishal Sharma/Netflix

Who is Shane Tessier? Shane is one of Maya's friends from her military days and is a much-needed help after the death of Joe, though there are a number of scenes that suggest Shane is up to something shady.

Where have I seen Emmett J Scanlan before? Scanlan is currently part of the main cast of ITV's The Tower, which has recently been renewed for season 3. He is best known for his roles in Hollyoaks, Peaky Blinders, Kin and also starred in Harlan Coben's Safe.

Dino Fetscher plays Marty McGreggor

Two detectives standing next to each other in front of an evidence board, laughing
Dino Fetscher and Adeel Akhtar in Fool Me Once. Vishal SharmaNetflix

Who is Marty McGreggor? Marty is the accompanying police officer partnered with Sami on Joe's murder case. He is a lot more enthusiastic, which only leads to Sami often getting frustrated with him.

Where have I seen Dino Fetscher before? Fetscher is known for his roles in Paranoid, Humans and Foundations, also appearing in Gentleman Jack, The Split and Years and Years.

Joanna Lumley plays Judith Burkett

Joanna Lumley in Fool Me Once
Joanna Lumley in Fool Me Once. Netflix

Who is Judith Burkett? Judith is Joe's mother and matriarch of the Burkett's, a very wealthy family. Because of her privileged upbringing, her and Maya don't always see eye to eye.

Where have I seen Joanna Lumley before? Lumley is perhaps best known for her role as Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous but has starred in numerous shows and films over the years, more recently including Finding Alice, Paddington 2 and Motherland.

Adeel Akhtar plays DS Sami Kierce

Adeel Akhtar in Fool Me Once
Adeel Akhtar in Fool Me Once. Netflix

Who is DS Sami Kierce? Sami is leading the homicide investigation into Joe's death and is trying to figure out just what happened on that fateful night – but he is also dealing with secrets of his own.

Where have I seen Adeel Akhtar before? Akhtar has earned multiple award nominations for his roles in Utopia and Ali & Ava, winning BAFTA's for his roles in Murdered By My Father and Sherwood. He has also starred in Unforgotten, Killing Eve and Enola Holmes.

Laurie Kynaston as Corey Rudzinski

Laurie Kynaston plays Liam Myer in The Trouble with Maggie Cole
Laurie Kynaston as Liam Myer in The Trouble.

Who is Corey? A whistleblower who reported on Maya’s involvement with the army and somehow had a connection to her deceased sister.

What else has Laurie Kynaston been in? Fans will recognise Kynaston from How to Build a Girl, Cradle to Grave and Nocturnal.

Hattie Morahan as Caroline Burkett

Hattie Morahan as Corinne Aldrich in Luther: The Fallen Sun.
Hattie Morahan as Corinne Aldrich in Luther: The Fallen Sun. John Wilson/Netflix

Who is Caroline? Caroline is the sister of Joe and daughter of Judith.

What else has Hattie Morahan been in? Previous acting credits include Sense and Sensibility, Mr Holmes, and The Bletchley Circle.

Fool Me Once arrived on Netflix on 1st January 2024. Sign up for Netflix from £6.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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