Bryan Cranston breaks into tears talking about Krysten Ritter Breaking Bad scene

Break out the tissues

Walter White is a bad, bad man – but Bryan Cranston still gets emotional talking about his role in Breaking Bad.


The actor spoke about the toughest scene he filmed during the drama’s five-season run, in which – spoilers – he watches the girlfriend of his partner Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) choke on her own vomit.

That scene still chokes Cranston up.

“She’s a little girl, she’s young enough to be my daughter,’” he told Inside The Actors Studio host James Lipton. “And then I see the face of my own daughter in her place, and I didn’t want to; I didn’t plan on it …”

Remembering the scene with actress Krysten Ritter proved too much for Cranston, with the actor welling up..

“There was this push-pull inside of me to try to save her,” he explains. “At one point I saw my daughter’s face instead of hers. And that was the moment that choked me up. And I guess that’s why I closed me eyes.”

Then, Walter White’s cold calculation kicked in, and that personal connection snapped.


“And then my thought was, ‘Get over it. Move on. It happens. I didn’t do this. I didn’t kill her. She killed herself. Figure it out,’” he said. “Then the picture of my daughter went away, and now I was trying to get some control back.”