For a lot of us, our smartphones are a serious investment, and the last thing we want to happen is that they get scratched, dirtied or — god forbid — smashed! So it’s important to consider buying a phone case to prevent the unthinkable (a broken phone) from happening.


We’ve considered everything you could want in a phone case. Whether that’s one which prioritises durability and protection or one that will make you smile when it's face-up on your desk. Let's take a look at them.

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Best phone case brands for protection


Gripzilla phone case
Gripzilla Armor

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Gripzilla! The Gripzilla Armor Case has a raised bezel of 1.5mm over the screen and camera, so if you dropped it on the floor, for example, neither the screen nor camera will be impacted. The grooved sides offer a better grip on your device, and the rough texture has the same effect. The Gripzilla we’ve shown here is compatible with an iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, however, it’s available for other iPhones, too.

Buy the Armor case for £25.24 £21.88 (save 13% or £3.36) at Amazon


Otterbox symmetry phone case for google phone
OtterBox Symmetry Currys

Another Transformers-sounding phone case brand is OtterBox. The Symmetry Series, which includes this case for the Google Pixel 6, offers lightweight, clear cases with raised edges to protect your touchscreen. It promises to be drop-proof and is made from 50% recycled materials.

Buy the Symmetry case for £29.99 at OtterBox

Buy the Symmetry case for £29.99 £6.90 (save 77% or £27.09) at Amazon

Griffin Survivor

Griffin survivor clear phone case for iPhone
Griffin Survivor Amazon

The Griffin Survivor case acts like a forcefield for your phone. This iPhone SE version has a shock-absorbing bumper, is made from impact-resistant polymer material with a textured bumper interior which also dampens impact, and has been dropped-tested at 6ft. Even if you threw your Griffin Survivor cased iPhone off a cliff, we’re not entirely certain it’d break.

Buy the Survivor case for iPhone SE for £19.99 £17.94 (save 10% or £2.04) at Amazon

Best phone case brands for iPhone


Speck Gemshell clear case for iPhone
Speck Gemshell John Lewis

The Gemshell Clear Case from Speck is perfect for everyday use. It’ll prevent your phone from getting scratched or damaged when you’re out and about, and both clear impact and Microban anti-bacterial technology are integrated into the case, which means it’s able to eradicate surface bacteria by 99%. Plus, the case is see-through, so you’ll see your chosen iPhone colour.

Buy the Gemshell case for £9.99 at Amazon


iPhone 13 pro clear case
Apple iPhone 13 Pro clear case Apple

MagSafe is the magnetic technology built into the back of iPhones; it started with the iPhone 12 and has featured in every model since. 18 tiny magnets are attached to the iPhone charging coil, meaning that chargers will snap into place and align with the coil inside the iPhone, so you can charge your phone wirelessly. When you’re buying a case for this kind of smartphone, it’s important that it’s MagSafe compatible ⁠— they have magnetic features that allow them to connect to the iPhone and will support the faster 15W charging ⁠— so purchasing a case from Apple itself is a brilliant bet.

Buy the iPhone 13 clear case with MagSafe for £49 at Apple

Best phone case brands for Samsung


Spigen slim armor phone case for android
Spigen Slim Armor Amazon

This Spigen Slim Armor case has a fancy exterior card slot for up to two cards, as well as raised bezels for screen and camera protection, and air cushion technology to protect all corners of your phone.

Buy the Slim Armor case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for £18.99 at Amazon


samsung clear view case in black
Samsung Clear View Samsung

Although there’s no rule about buying a Samsung own-brand case for your Samsung phone, sometimes it just makes sense: you know it’ll fit and be compatible as it’s been designed for your phone by the company who made your phone. The Smart Clear View cover is sleek and smooth, it comes in three different colours (black, burgundy and white), and the new window display makes it easy to check notifications with the phone cover still closed.

Buy the Smart Clear View case for £37 £25.90 (save 30% or £11.10) at Samsung

Buy the Smart Clear View case for £37.99 £22 (save 42% or £15.99) at Amazon

Best phone case brands for sustainability

Loam & Lore

loam & lore mint green sustainable phone case
Loam & Lore Mint Green case Loam & Lore

What makes a phone case sustainable? If it's made from natural and easily biodegradable materials, like bamboo and cork, and sustainable adhesives; most sustainable accessories will come with carbon-neutral validation or environmental certificates. This mint-green phone case from Loam & Lore ticks all of these boxes. Made from plant-based polymers and reclaimed wheat fibres, it’s fully compostable and plastic-free, yet will protect your phone from drops and scratches. You can recycle this case at home, or send it back to Loam & Lore for 10% off your next case.

Buy the mint green case for £12.47 at Amazon

Buy the mint green case for £21 £14.97 (save 30% or £6.03) at Loam & Lore

Pela case

pela turtle edition turquoise eco friendly phone case
Pela Turtle Edition Pela

This turquoise phone case may look sweet but it is mighty. The case offers excellent protection against drops and scratches as the flax forms a natural barrier. Although this case is a little pricey, Pela vouches it's because its manufacturing process costs 4x the amount of manufacturing plastic phone cases. It’s also verified by a third-party lab to be 100% compostable.

Buy the Turtle Edition case for £34.95 at Pela

Best fashion phone case brands


Casetify zizone cartoon phone case

If you’re after a phone case that’s main function is to look good, CASETiFY is bound to have one that’ll tickle your fancy. It categorises its phone cases not only by phone model (iPhone, Samsung and Google) but by type of case, for example, the best-sellers, cases seen on Instagram, and independent artists. This cartoon strip one we’ve picked comes from artist Zizone, and is 100% compostable with 6.6ft drop resistance.

Buy the Pingo Cartoon case from £38 at CASETiFY

Shop more CASETiFY cases at Amazon


Wildflower flower power phone case
Flower Power from Wildflower Amazon

For eye-catching, compliment-inducing phone cases, Wildflower has them in abundance. The raised bumper is made from sandblasted polyurethane black rubber to give your phone an extra layer of protection. Plus, all of Wildflower's cases are handmade, meaning no two will be the same.

Buy the Groovy Flowers case for £14.99 at Amazon

Polly Nor

polly nor almost there phone case at stringberry
Almost There from Polly Nor Stringberry

Artist Polly of Polly Nor is best known for her dark and satirical depictions of women and the demons. Her prints often show devils, snakes and creepy crawlies, which make for interesting phone cases. This one, titled ‘Almost There’, has an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell with a shock-absorbing inner TPU liner, it fits super-securely, and is compatible with wireless charging.

Buy the Almost There case for £34.99 at Stringberry

Best leather and faux leather phone case brands


woolnut leather phone case cognac brown
Woolnut Woolnut

If James Bond had a phone case, we’re pretty sure it’d look like this. Woolnut is a Swedish brand founded in 2013 which specialises in premium leather products designed exclusively for Apple products, such as iPhones, MacBooks and AirPods. This cognac-coloured leather case is smooth and soft to the touch, extremely high-quality, and compatible with wireless charging.

Buy the leather case cover for £19 at Amazon


defence folio galaxy phone case in black
Defence Folio Currys

It looks like leather and it feels like leather ⁠— it must be leather, right? Wrong! If leather isn’t your bag but you still like that leather-look, then this faux option is brilliant. The DEFENCE Folio case is slim fit and literally snaps on your phone; the surface is also smudge-proof so your fingerprints won’t stay on the case.

Buy the DEFENCE Folio case for £19.99 at Currys


VINTAGE LEATHER WALLET APPLE IPHONE 11 snakehive phonecase leather
Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet Snakehive

The Vintage Leather Wallet for iPhone 11 is handcrafted with nubuck leather. It features card and cash storage, a stand function, and has a strong magnetic clasp; it's basically a wallet in a phone case, which we love.

Buy the Vintage Leather Wallet case for £33.99 at Amazon

Buy the Vintage Leather Wallet case for £60.74 at OnBuy


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