Helldivers 2 looks to be getting a little more chaotic if recent rumours and leaks are to be believed as it appears vehicles other than mechs are coming to the game.


They will no doubt come in handy now that environmental hazards have been added to the game as of a recent patch.

Vehicles will help make short work of any new threats players may face – namely the Illuminate, who seem set to return from the original Helldivers.

Without spoiling anything, videos (one of which has since been removed) have shown off-wheeled vehicles that multiple players can drive, ride in or shoot guns from.

Who knows what else the future may hold? Tanks? Gunships? The possibilities are no doubt endless and are no doubt extremely lethal to both enemies and players alike.

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But you better get to it before any more videos are delisted. Read on to find out everything we know about vehicles in Helldivers 2!

Why are people talking about Helldivers 2 vehicles?

A Helldiver looking into the distance with spaceships flyong overhead from the intro cinematic for Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2. Arrowhead Game Studios, PlayStation Studios

Helldivers 2 vehicle rumours are running amok owing to a video from GameOverDeo on YouTube and an X post from @MR_Rebs_ that supposedly shows off some previously unseen content – namely, a very Halo Warthog-looking buggy with a mounted machine gun on the back.

The video has since been removed, but as of writing, the X (formerly Twitter) post can still be viewed.

The X video purports to show an armoured personnel carrier that features multiple mounted machine guns as it drives across a planet with the players shooting at automatons.

The original YouTube video was clearly not a finalised concept yet, as the UI elements were a bit broken. No aiming reticle was present and the vehicle handling seemed a little iffy.

The video also showed off the much-lusted-after mechs that have been confirmed to be coming to Helldivers 2 soon.

There was also some extra equipment shown, such as the ARC-12 Blitzer shotgun, which delivers a power burst of "high-voltage electricity that arcs between all units – enemy or otherwise – within range".

Then there was the BX-7 Displacer pack, which acts as a teleportation device that saves players from a killing blow by shooting them off elsewhere. How reliable the teleportation will be remains to be seen.

There were a few more items shown off in the video, but you will have to wait a while longer to get your grubby mitts on some democracy-spreading material.

When could vehicles come to Helldivers 2? Our speculation

Terminids attack in Helldivers 2 as a player shoots a gun at the monster
Helldivers 2. Arrowhead Games Studios

Currently, when we can maybe expect to see the vehicles make an appearance is anybody's guess — the Helldivers 2 roadmap is currently being rewritten, owing to how massively popular the game is proving to be.

Arrowhead Game Studios will no doubt want to capitalise on the immense success, but it could be prudent to wait for the excitement to die down a little, only for them to stoke it once more with a huge update that could draw in more new players and keep engagement high.

Based on that, we reckon it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we may see the vehicles being added over the next few months.

As you can see on our list of upcoming video games, the rest of March is fairly busy for PlayStation 5 with the likes of Rise of the Rōnin.

Currently, May is fairly quiet, making it an opportune moment for Sony’s sweetheart to receive a hefty update.

June has both Destiny 2: The Final Shape and Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree competing for players' attention, making the month somewhat of a no-go zone.

If and when we get a proper update regarding the roadmap and the inclusion of vehicles, we will update you as soon as we receive word from Super Earth HQ!

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