Helldivers 2 has borne out to be yet another early colossal success for 2024 - but as usual, all the fun is best shared with friends, so we'll be looking to see if Helldivers 2 is crossplay, with the multiplayer platforms explained.


Such was the success that the servers were initially crushed under the weight of it all, but this now seems to have been remedied so you can get stuck in with your pals.

If you're on last-gen, be sure to check out our Helldivers 2 PS4 explainer, too, where we offer some great alternatives so you don't completely miss out on all the fun.

But the question remains, so read on to see if PC and PS5 players can take on the enemies of Super Earth together.

Is Helldivers 2 crossplay? Multiplayer across platforms explained

Helldivers posing for the camera, with one in the foreground and another in the background shooting a rifle
Helldivers 2. Arrowhead Game Studios, PlayStation Studios

Yes, Helldivers 2 is crossplay - with PS5 and PC players able to play together.

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This is no doubt owing to the fact that is it a cooperative four-player game, something confirmed as much by Arrowhead Game Studios community manager Katherine Baskin in a PlayStation blog post.

"Community and teamwork are the most important pillars of Helldivers 2, and so it is essential to ensure players can work together regardless of the system they choose to use," it reads.

"Together we can celebrate victories, mourn losses and liberate the galaxy without platform boundaries."

Having a shared pool of players will give Helldivers 2 much longer legs over the course of its lifespan, as the community will be united as opposed to stuck in two camps.

If the player count were to fall to small enough numbers on each platform, the online servers may be pulled. This greatly negates the risk of this, or at the very least delays it for many years to come.

This has massively helped with titles such as Arma: Reforger, which has a comparatively small player count on Steam and Xbox respectively.

Due to crossplay, however, there are many fully populated servers in all time zones, and it has helped keep the online community alive and well since its initial early access launch.

The only issue with crossplay is players using controllers going against PC users who have a keyboard and mouse, which are far more accurate when it comes to competitive shooting games.

As Helldivers 2 is PvE, though, console players will most likely be relieved to have a pin-sharp PC sniper on their team - rather than feeling the need to throw their controller at the TV.

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