Helldivers 2 has taken the gaming world by storm, so unlocking all of the trophies on offer and, more importantly, getting that all-important Platinum has become a priority for many players.


Since launching at the beginning of February, over 3 million players have jumped into the third-person shooter, where you fight robots and alien bugs for peace in the galaxy.

By playing the game naturally, a good number of trophies will pop, but there are quite a few specific requirements that need meeting too.

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The good news is that the Platinum for Helldivers 2 isn't that difficult in the grand scheme of video games.

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In fact, more than 7 per cent of players have walked away with the accolade (via PSNProfiles), so it's definitely obtainable even for those newcomers to the world of trophy hunting.

To make things easier, we've put together this handy Helldivers 2 trophy guide – read on for the full list and what you need to do for 100 per cent completion.

How many trophies does Helldivers 2 have?

Terminids attack in Helldivers 2 as a player shoots a gun at the monster
Helldivers 2. Arrowhead Games Studios

There are 39 trophies to unlock in Helldivers 2. This is made up of 24 Bronze, 11 Silver, three Gold and one Platinum.

To obtain all of these trophies, players will need to do everything from completing missions and killing enemies to upgrading their ships and even flopping like a ragdoll.

Full list of Helldivers 2 trophies

A player in Helldivers 2 shooting down an Automaton Dropship
Helldivers 2. Arrowhead Game Studios, PlayStation Studios

Here is the full list of trophies in Helldivers 2 - from Platinum to Bronze.

  • The Epitome of Super Earth (Platinum) – Obtain all trophies in Helldivers 2
  • Hell Dive (Gold) – Complete an Extreme difficulty mission or high without anyone dying
  • Hold my primary, I'm going in! (Gold) – Complete a full Hard difficulty mission or higher without anyone firing their primary or support weapon
  • Gone in 360 seconds! (Gold) – Complete a full Extreme difficulty Blitz mission and extract in under six minutes
  • Extractamundo! (Silver) – Extract with a full squad on a Hard difficulty or more mission
  • Caught them by Supplies! (Silver) – Kill a Charger with a resupply pod
  • Samples are a diver's best friend (Silver) – Extract with at least 15 rare samples from a mission as a team
  • Doing your part (Silver) – Complete at least 100 missions
  • It's the only way to be sure… (Silver) – Have six orbital barrage stratagems in the same place at the same time
  • For the greater good! (Silver) – Kill 5,000 enemies
  • Kill it with fire! (Silver) – Kill 100 enemies using fire damage during the same mission
  • Get some! (Silver) – Fire at least 150 rounds in one burst, killing at least 10 enemies
  • That which does not kill you… (Silver) – Be injured in all limbs at the same time
  • The power of Democracy (Silver) – Kill 25 enemies with one stratagem
  • Fully operational (Silver) – Reach max rank on one ship module
  • Ship it! (Bronze) – Upgrade all ship modules at least one level
  • Nothing is bigger than Freedom (Bronze) – Defeat a Hulk
  • The taller they are… (Bronze) – Defeat a Bile Titan
  • They don't call it Tacticool for nothin' (Bronze) – Complete 10 tactical objectives
  • Let's call it a draw (Bronze) – Shoot off both arms on a Hulk and then extract while it's alive
  • Cool guys don't loo- AAAAH! (Bronze) – Fly at least 25 metres from the shockwave of an explosion
  • Hot Potato! (Bronze) – Throw back a live grenade
  • Bot Scrapper (Bronze) – Play one Bug Mission
  • Extractinating the Countryside (Bronze) – Play a planet defence mission
  • Patriot (Bronze) – Play at least 50 missions
  • Hold my Liber-tea! (Bronze) – While using a jump pack, knock yourself into a ragdoll state
  • Eat-This! (Bronze) – Kill a bug warrior with a shotgun within one metre
  • Democracy ain't done with you yet (Bronze) – Heal another player using stims
  • Promote Synergy (Bronze) – Provide assisted reload for a teammate
  • Strapping young lad (Bronze) – Customise your Helldiver with new cape, armor and helmet
  • In the nick of time (Bronze) – Extract after the timer reaches zero
  • The Real Deal (Bronze) – Complete Basic Training
  • The long arm of Justice (Bronze) – Kill a target a distance of over 100m
  • Stalking is illegal (Bronze) – Complete a Stalker Hive tactical objective
  • Job's done! (Bronze) – Complete a mission but fail to extract
  • Science is done by quantity! (Bronze) – Extract with at least 15 common samples
  • They mostly come at night… (Bronze) – Extract from a mission during nighttime
  • Spread Managed Democracy (Bronze) – Kill 150 enemies during the same mission

Helldivers 2 is available across PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows.

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