God of War Ragnarök pits Kratos against the biggest and baddest from Norse mythology, including the mighty Thor. And by biggest, we mean biggest. Thor is one tall God in Ragnarök and a mighty foe for Kratos and Atreus to overcome.


Video games and their fans have something of an obsession when it comes to tall characters. Remember the, ahem, attention for Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village? Thor isn’t quite getting the same attention, but fans around the world want to know how tall the God of Thunder actually is and how he compares to Kratos, who’s no shrimp.

While Thor doesn’t match up to Ms Dimitrescu, he is a tall lad. His stature adds to his impressive and dominating appearance. Perfect for a memorable battle or two as a formidable adversary.

If you’re keen to learn exactly how tall Thor is in God of War Ragnarök, keep reading for all the details you could possibly need. We’ll let you know, too, just how tall Thor is compared to Kratos.

How tall is Thor in God of War Ragnarök?

Thor in God of War Ragnarök is around seven feet tall (and a bit extra). He’s one tall dude. Nothing short of what you’d expect from the God of Strength.

Thanks to an YouTube interview with Ryan Hurst (who plays Thor as part of the stellar God of War Ragnarök cast), we know that in the game Thor is supposed to be around or over seven feet tall.

Hurst is quoted as saying "there’s monitors up everywhere because Thor is supposed to be like, you know, seven foot something tall". It’s unknown exactly how tall Thor is, but he’s depicted as at least seven feet tall in God of War Ragnarök. Seven foot something is relatively vague but it’s the best we’ve got to go on. How does he compare to Kratos?

How tall is Kratos in God of War Ragnarök?

Officially, Kratos is currently six foot and four inches. This is his redesigned height for the 2018 God of War and now its sequel, Ragnarök.

Kratos used to be seven foot and six inches in the pre-2018 God of War games, but he was made shorter to be more approachable and closer to actor Christopher Judge’s height of 6'3". This is according to Santa Monica Studio lead character technical artist Axel Grossman (via Gnomon YouTube).

This means that Thor is likely around an entire foot taller than Kratos in God of War Ragnarök. Thor towers above Kratos, making him quite the foe for our protagonist. Kratos likely wouldn’t match Thor’s height even on tip-toes.

Thor is quite a broad chap, too, so his size really is quite imposing when compared to Kratos. Kratos in the original trilogy, however, standing at 7'6" would be around the same height as Thor in Ragnarök. What is it with old age and getting shorter?

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