God of War Ragnarök was released to critical acclaim in November 2022, but it didn't take long before fans were clamouring for a New Game Plus mode.


New Game Plus allows you to replay a game with the gear, experience and stats you obtained in the first playthrough and has become a popular post-launch feature in Sony first-party games in particular recently.

The 2018 God of War received the mode in a beefy update shortly after release, and now we know that Ragnarök will get the same treatment - the only question is when.

Read on for the latest information on when God of War Ragnarök will receive a New Game Plus mode, and you can also check out our prediction for God of War Ragnarök's PC release.

Does God of War Ragnarok have New Game Plus?

As things stand, no. God of War Ragnarök does not have New Game Plus... yet!

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This means that the only way to replay the game, for now, is to start again from scratch without carrying over your progression, gear and upgrades.

However, this is not a cause for concern, as the era of DLC updates and patches means it is rather common for the New Game Plus mode to be added later on to increase replay-ability and bring players back to the game.

And there is good news on that front: developers Santa Monica Studios have now confirmed that a New Game Plus mode is coming.

When could God of War Ragnarok get New Game Plus? Our best estimate

God of War Ragnarök will get New Game Plus in spring 2023, the developers confirmed in the Tweet below. They didn't specify an exact date, though.

We assume that Ragnarök will have similar New Game Plus content to its predecessor, with new armour sets, increased loot rarity levels and a higher power level cap for Kratos. New crafting resources, loot options and general enemy behaviour improvements are also likely.

This is pretty much the same as what happened last time. God of War 2018 received New Game Plus in August 2018, four months after the game was released in April. You'd better get ready to go again, brother.

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