Six years on from its initial release, Fallout 76 has plenty to do, giving it quite the large trophy and achievements roster - and we’ll go over the whole list in our guide.


Keep in mind, however, that the additional DLCs for the game such as Atlantic City have added even more, so you’ll need to own those in order to unlock them.

If you were hoping to tackle any of them during a long-haul flight or away from the internet, check out if you can play Fallout 76 offline. Otherwise, a rewatch of the Fallout TV series may be in order.

If you’re yet to pick the game up, be sure to see how to get Fallout 76 for free.

Once you’re in and if you find the vanilla 76 flavour tiresome, you’ll be glad to know there are Fallout 76 mods to elevate your experience.

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But there are a lot of trophies and achievements to keep you busy in the here and now, so let’s chop chop!

How many trophies or achievements are in Fallout 76?

Mobster in Atlantic City casino wearing a suit, hat and holding a cigarette
Atlantic City in Fallout 76. Bethesda

There are 51 trophies on PlayStation and 50 achievements on Xbox in the base game, but with all the DLC installed, there are 73 and 72 respectively.

This will take quite a considerable amount of time to get through. You’re easily looking at upwards of 100 hours to get them all.

Some individual achievements will require quite a lot of work, such as American Hero - which you only unlock after reaching level 50.

For your pleasure, though, you’ll be awarded 1,000 Gamerscore for the base game, or 1,580 if you’ve got the DLCs.

PlayStation players will have a new coveted Platinum trophy if they manage to grind through all the others.

Full list of Fallout 76 trophies and achievements

Three players wearing power armour posing for a picture in a meadow in Fallout 76
Fallout 76. Bethesda

The full list of Fallout 76 trophies is quite the tome. Be prepared to spend a not-insignificant chunk of your time.

We’d highly recommend playing with a group of friends, too, as it will make things far easier - and you’ll have a hoot doing it!

However, be sure to check what platforms you are all playing on, as the Fallout 76 cross-play situation isn’t ideal.

Otherwise, just keep your chin up and try to have fun along the way!

Fallout 76 base game trophies and achievements

  • Platinum Trophy (PlayStation only) – Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy (Platinum)
  • Reclamation Day! – Leave Vault 76 (Bronze / 10G)
  • First Contact Complete – "First Contact" (Bronze / 20G)
  • Final Departure Complete – "Final Departure" (Bronze / 20G)
  • Second Helpings Complete – "Second Helpings" (Bronze / 20G)
  • Into the Fire Complete – "Into the Fire" (Silver / 20G)
  • Recruitment Blues Complete – "Recruitment Blues" (Bronze / 30G)
  • Heart of the Enemy – Complete "Heart of the Enemy" (Silver / 10G)
  • Key to the Past – Complete "Key to the Past (Silver / 10G)
  • Coming to Fruition – Complete "Coming to Fruition" (Bronze / 10G)
  • Bunker Buster – Complete "Bunker Buster" (Bronze / 10G)
  • One of Us – Complete "One of Us" (Bronze / 30G)
  • Officer on Deck – Complete "Officer on Deck" (Silver / 10G)
  • Happy CAMPer – Build a CAMP (Bronze / 10G)
  • We Must Rebuild – Build 20 CAMP Items (Bronze / 20G)
  • Appalachian HOA – Build 100 CAMP Items (Silver / 20G)
  • Mistress of Mystery – Complete "Mistress of Mystery" (Silver / 20G)
  • Personal Matters – Complete "Personal Matters" (Bronze / 10G)
  • Queen of the Hunt – Complete "Queen of the Hunt" (Bronze / 20G)
  • Monster Mash – Win the "Monster Mash" Event (Bronze / 30G)
  • Scorched Earth – Win the "Scorched Earth" Event 20G)
  • Breach and Clear – Win the "Breach and Clear Event" (Bronze / 15G)
  • Never Go It Alone! – Join 20 Teams (Bronze / 10G)
  • Second Skin – Craft 5 Pieces of Armor (Bronze / 10G)
  • A Fighting Chance – Craft a Weapon (Bronze / 30G)
  • Fallout Forever – Reach Level 100 (Silver / 20G)
  • LITerally – Read 20 Magazines (Bronze / 30G)
  • Ground Zero – Be at Ground Zero of a Nuclear Blast (Silver / 20G)
  • Perked Up – Fully Rank Up one Perk (Bronze / 30G)
  • Gimme Gimme! – Pick 50 Locks (Silver / 30G)
  • Code Cruncher – Hack 50 Terminals (Silver / 30G)
  • Monet of Murder – Mod 50 Weapons (Silver / 30G)
  • Tested Mettle – Complete 5 Challenges (Bronze / 20G)
  • A Real Challenger – Complete 20 Challenges (Bronze / 20G)
  • Field Medic – Revive 20 Fallen Players (Bronze / 20G)
  • Moneybags – Possess 10,000 Caps (Bronze / 10G)
  • Retro Now – Play a Holotape Game (Bronze / 20G)
  • Giant Slayer – Kill 5 Giant Creatures (Bronze / 40G)
  • Pioneer Scout – Discover 100 Locations (Silver / 20G)
  • Bounty Hunter – Kill a Wanted Player (Bronze / 10G)
  • Kill or Be Killed – Kill Another Player (Bronze / 20G)
  • Good Grief! – Kill 20 Players (Bronze / 20G)
  • Pest Control – Kill 300 Creatures (Bronze / 10G)
  • Junker Funk – Gather 200 Pieces of Junk (Bronze / 10G)
  • Photo Bomber – Take 20 Photos (Bronze / 10G)
  • Ain't He the Cutest? – Collect a Bobblehead (Bronze / 20G)
  • Shwag – Collect 10 Bobbleheads (Silver / 10G)
  • Wild West Virginian – Reach Level 10 (Bronze / 25G)
  • Appalachian Trailblazer – Reach Level 25 (Bronze / 50G)
  • American Hero – Reach Level 50 (Silver / 50G)
  • I Am Become Death – Complete "I Am Become Death" (Gold / 50G)

Wastelanders DLC trophies and achievements

  • Wayward Child – Complete "The Elusive Crane" (Bronze / 15G)
  • Overdue Reunions – Find the Overseer (Bronze / 20G)
  • Go for the Gold – Complete "Buried Treasure" (Silver / 30G)
  • A Golden Future – Complete "All That Glitters" (Silver / 30G)
  • Wish Upon A Star – Complete Sofia’s story (Bronze / 20G)
  • Behind the Curtain – Complete Beckett’s story (Bronze / 20G)
  • A Solid Foundation – Become allies with Foundation (Bronze / 30G)
  • Friends in Low Places – Become allies with Crater (Bronze / 30G)
  • Gold Rush – Gain 300 gold bullion (Bronze / 20G)
  • The New Fort Knox – Gain 1500 gold bullion (Silver / 40G)

Steel Reign DLC trophies and achievements

  • Steel Brethren – Complete "The Catalyst" (Bronze / 25G)
  • Smooth Operator – Earn Elder Rewards from a Daily Op (Bronze / 15G)
  • Gold Star Crafter – Craft a 1 star legendary mod, a 2 star legendary mod, and a 3 star legendary mod (Bronze / 15G)

The Pitt DLC trophies and achievements

  • Welcome To The Pitt – Lead and complete "Union Dues" and "From Ashes to Fire" (Bronze / 30G)
  • Seeking Refuge – Complete 10 Favors for people in The Whitespring Refuge (Bronze / 30G)
  • Troglodiced – Kill 100 Trogs with an Auto Axe (Bronze / 30G)

Atlantic City: Boardwalk Paradise DLC trophies and achievements

  • America’s Playground – Lead and complete "Tax Evasion" and "The Most Sensational Game" (Bronze / 30G)
  • Rip and Tear – Kill 10 Lesser Devils with a melee weapon (Bronze / 30G)
  • The House Always Wins – Build 5 casino games in your CAMP (Bronze / 30G)
  • Atlantic City: America’s Playground DLC trophies and achievements
  • Community Service – Lead and Complete "The Human Condition" (Bronze / 30G)
  • Devil’s Bargain – Complete "Sins of the Father" (Bronze / 30G)
  • Weed Killer – Kill 100 Overgrown with fire (Bronze / 30G)

And that's your lot! We salute each and every one of you who embark on this quest.

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