An Elden Ring demo took place last year, with this beta period - also known as the Elden Ring Network Test - meaning that some lucky players did not have to wait for the Elden Ring release date to try the game out.


Please note that the Elden Ring demo has now ended and the full game is available to buy instead. There is currently no free trial for Elden Ring, with only paying customers being able to enjoy it today.

Before this demo ended, you could sign up for the Elden Ring demo on the Elden Ring Network Test webpage. The demo would've allowed you try out early segments of the game using a pre-made character. Progress made in the demo could not be carried to the full game.

However, now that this trial period has come to a close, there is no longer any way to try Elden Ring without paying for it. Just to be extra clear: the Elden Ring demo is now over.

Elden Ring demo platforms

The Elden Ring demo took place on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The Elden Ring demo was not available on PC, though. Only console players were invited this time around, but it's all in the past now anyway, so let's try to put those differences behind us.

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Elden Ring demo dates

The Elden Ring demo took place on five different dates, with the game's official website confirming the following sessions. The times were given in the Japanese time zone, but we've translated them into UK time in brackets:

  • Session 1: Friday, November 12, 8pm - 11 pm JST (11 am - 2pm BST in the UK)
  • Session 2: Saturday, November 13, 12 pm - 3 pm JST (3 am - 6 am in the UK)
  • Session 3: Sunday, November 14, 4 am - 7 am JST (7 pm - 10 pm in the UK)
  • Session 4: Sunday, November 14, 8pm - 11 pm JST (11 am - 2pm BST in the UK)
  • Session 5: Monday, November 15, 12 pm - 3 pm JST (3 am - 6 am in the UK)

Elden Ring map


The Elden Ring map is your guide to the game's vast open world, and players from the demo have revealed how it works - basically, you'll gradually piece the map together by collecting map fragments.

If you're looking for somewhere to save your game in Elden Ring, you'll want to ping Sites of Grace on the map - these important spots will allow you to save and furnish you with extra bits of advice.

Elden Ring character creation

One thing you couldn't do in the Elden Ring demo was character creation. The developers confirmed that everyone in the Closed Network Test will receive a "pre-set player character" to play with. In the finished game, though, we understand that character creation is featured.

The Elden Ring character classes that you could choose from in the demo were Prophet, Enchanted Knight, Warrior, Champion and Bloody Wolf. Not all of those made it into the final game, though.

Elden Ring demo gameplay

Thanks to the Elden Ring demo, lots of new Elden Ring gameplay footage is now making the rounds online. Take a look at the video below, for example, where you can see the first 19 minutes of the game:

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